“You created a sensation about nothing. You people are so creative over there. Your lives must be boring.” Vladimir Putin

Have we become a nation of creative bores?  America has always been seen as innovative, entrepreneurial, forward thinking, but boring?  That statement from Megyn Kelly’s exclusive interview with Vladimir Putin got me thinking.

Have we become so bored that we have to come up with things to make our lives more interesting?  Do we really create fake stories to spice things up a bit?  Are we so anesthetized that we have to redesign our news?  Have we too much time on our hands that we crave more, more, more?

I believe we’ve dumbed down since 9/11.  When that horrid terrorist attack occurred, I thought there’d be a turn around in our country.  For a while, I saw a rise in patriotism.  My first inclination was to display a flag in front of our house, but we didn’t have one and there were none to be found in the stores.  I realized at that time, that there was a surge of pride in our nation as we worked together to heal and rebuild.

The years passed and somewhere along the line we’ve seen declining patriotism – lack of trust in government, civil servants and any semblance of authority.  We’ve become a nation of acceptors of all kinds of behavior because we don’t want to be accused of being politically incorrect or intolerant.

Has terrorism won?  We’re becoming sedeated to it.  It’s become so knitted into the fabric of every day, that it’s become common place.  In some part of the world, every day, every hour, some act of terrorism is occurring – whether it be loss of many innocent victims or fear of walking the streets alone at night.

I love my country.  I’m proud to be an American.  As we traveled down south a few weeks ago, I was overcome by the beauty – the kindness of people – a land where blood was shed for freedom.  I was overwhelmed by the mountains and the power of God’s creation.  There is so much to see – so much to love – so much to fight for.  We don’t have to make things up.  What we need to do is get back to being proud of our nation and returning her to her original glory.




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4 Responses to ARE OUR LIVES BORING?

  1. In a lot of regards, I do think Mr Putin is correct in his observation—when we just look at what comedians think will make us laugh as well as rile against the powers that be, and when we hang on the willy nilly cries of a media run amuck then yes, we are bored and even stupid….we’ve allowed dribble and trash to become our humor as well as our mantra.
    We’ve diverted our attentions from real matters to that of splitting hairs over things that, when all is said and done, pale in comparison to everything we’re actually missing…

    I like you thought following 9/11 we’d have a resurgence of patriotism and unity as a Nation…as we often do come together in the face of tragedy…but instead we’ve scattered like a box of dropped marbles..rolling about further and further apart…

    We are missing the seriousness of the situation….preferring the smoke and mirrors to the reality of what is happening…
    and one day soon we’re all going to wake up and it will be far too late….

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