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Each day seems to etch a new line onto my face.  With all the junk going on in the world it’s enough to make one look like a prune.  I prefer to refer to my wrinkles as laugh lines, because that’s what most of them were caused by.  I’ve always been good for a laugh.  I love funny jokes, I prefer comedy over drama and the sound of laughter is delightful to me.

There are days when we just have to laugh at our circumstances.  Not every day is going to be perfect.  We aren’t always going to be happy.  All our dreams may never be accomplished.  I suppose we could just pack it all up and throw in the towel.  A lot of folks do just that.  They give up!

God doesn’t want that from us.  He wants us to be refined by our troubles – to be crafted into a fine masterpiece.  Some of us will be polished and smoothed while others will be shriveled and beaten up, but the point is that He’s constantly working us – smoothing out the creases, straightening the path we walk, and making even the ruts and bumps along the way.  I expect that all my wrinkles will be gone when I get to heaven, but then no one would recognize me.  I guess it doesn’t matter what I look like as long as I have an eternity to spend in a perfect place.

Life can beat us up or lift us up.  It’s our choice.  As for me, I’m happy to have the ability to laugh – even at myself.  Think of the alternative.

Proverbs 17:22  A joyful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.

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