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The cartoon reminds me of a situation when my husband owned his own business.  He was dressed in his grubbies, painting the lettering on his front door, when a salesman arrogantly pushed him aside and asked to speak to the … Continue reading

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The number of excuses for not attending church is unending. Everyone acts one way in the church and another every other day of the week. I’ve got a meal to prepare. I don’t have time. Church makes me feel uncomfortable … Continue reading

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The reflection we see in a mirror tells a lot about who we are inside, but often we mask what we really feel or think. As we age, the scars of life wrinkle and tug at the corners of our … Continue reading

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Some of the most popular shows on the tube these days take every day people and put them into  extraordinary situations and focus on the struggles they go through to achieve their goals.  Watching others struggle like us could eventually lose it’s … Continue reading

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