As I look back at my movie and television watching days, mine used to be filled with romantic comedy and flashy musicals. Occasionally, I’d watch a western, but war movies were definitelynot on the list. My husband and I now live on the same level of our house. Up until his recent hospital stay, he would go upstairs to watch his favorite movies and I would be able to choose my chick flicks for the evening. One of his art studios is also located on the second floor of our old farm house. With the advent of this new arrangement, we are seeing more of each other and having to make adjustments to compromise with each other. Thus John Wayne has made his way into my heart. I always wondered about this guy and his swagger along with acting skills that were never what I thought of as perfection. Lately my opinion is changing. I think we must’ve viewed most of his moviesm but when I think there can’t be another one – another pops up.

Marion Robert Morrison was born on May 26, 1907 and he died on this day, June 11, 1979. He was known by his stage name of John Wayne, and acquired the nickname of Duke. The name was given to him by director John Ford, who directed Wayne in 14 films. They developed a close relationship during that time.

Wayne became popular during the Golden Age of the movies. He started acting in the 1920s during the silent movie era, but became especially popular in the 1930s. He made 142 films during his life. The final film, “The Shootist,” is about an aging gun fighter who is dying of cancer. It seemed to be a self-portrait of sorts, because he actually died of cancer shortly after filming this movie.

So he had quite a career. He made a big name for himself in the greater part of his life. I never used to enjoy his films, but as I said earlier, when you age, you learn to compromise. Especially when your husbnd refuses to watch anything else. RIP, Duke.


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8 Responses to DUKE OF THE WEST

  1. Myrna Migala says:

    He also converted to The Church on his death bed.

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  2. Especially when your husband refuses to watch anything else!! 😉 I still love his movies and the westerns of Clint Eastwood and James Garner. Myself and your husband must share some of the same heart! 😉 Love you Sis! ❤ 🙂

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  3. tamweary says:

    I used to watch westerns with my Dad..so John Wayne grew on me, as well…I think! I just wanted to be with Daddy, for sure💕Thanks Kathy

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  4. Thanks Kathy! I’ve been a fan of John Wayne’s films for as long as I can remember. While westerns supplied him with countless characters and settings, there was another side to his films as evidenced in “The Quiet Man,” filmed in Ireland with costar Maureen O’Hare and directed by John Ford. It’s one of my favorites.

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