August Dietrich Rische (born February 5, 1819 in Minden ; † November 15, 1906 in Ludwigslust ) was the author of the lyrics for the children’s hymn, “God Loves Me Dearly.  The hymn was written in 1852 by this young Lutheran pastor, who was working with homeless and disadvantaged children.  It’s a hymn that lives like an ear worm, once it gets into your head.  The simple text, with each verse being followed by the same refrain, tells of the love of God in a tender, understandable, passionate and caring way.

1 God loves me dearly,
grants me salvation,
God loves me dearly,
loves even me.

Therefore I’ll say again:
God loves me dearly,
God loves me dearly,
loves even me.

2 I was in slav’ry,
sin, death, and darkness;
God’s love was working
to make me free. [Refrain]

3 He sent forth Jesus,
my dear Redeemer,
he sent forth Jesus
and set me free. [Refrain]

4 Jesus, my Savior,
himself did offer;
Jesus, my Savior,
paid all I owed. [Refrain]

5 Now I will praise you,
O Love eternal;
I will praise you
all my life long. [Refrain]

I remember learning this hymn when a small child in Sunday school.  Each verse shows the amazing love and grace of God, through the gift of His own precious Son, Jesus.  When I think about Valentine’s Day, I can’t help but think of the eternal, unconditional love of our abiding Savior.  He is the epitome of true love.  He was willing to give up His throne in heaven – become a human being for 33 years – live a life of poverty and never had a permanent residence – gave up everything for love.  His ultimate sacrifice during the week of His passion – made Him the unblemished lamb being led to the slaughter.  He is God, yet He fulfilled what we were unable to do by becoming one of us.  He took our sins and guilt to the cross and buried them within the grave.  He conquered Satan and gave everyone hope for a future in paradise by rising from death on the third day.

We celebrate Valentine’s Day one day a year.  One day we overload on flowers and candy or a special dinner with the one we love.  One day!  Jesus loves us every single day of our existence.  He never gives up on us.  He will never leave us.  He is our champion, our deliverer, our eternal love.  Don’t limit the love you have for those whom you love.  Every day should be a day to share your heart with that person.  Jesus loved us so much, He gave His life to assure our place in heaven.




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