Today is March 9th, which also happens to be False Teeth Day. I really get a kick out of the many holidays available to celebrate. Who thinks these up anyway and why would a day be set aside for fake choppers? I imagine a person who lives in a cellar filled with cobwebs, who has never heard of spring cleaning and only comes out of his cell for food and drink. This poor soul’s only goal in life is to come up with silly holidays for the rest of the world to celebrate. Well, his goals are admirable, I suppose, but I feel kind of sorry for him.

I went to the Days of the Year Site for inspiration. I do that sometimes, when nothing else pops into my head. A copout of sorts. I was not surprised to find a number of celebration days for March 9th, which included said False Teeth Day. There were others – Meatball Day as well as Crab Day – which solves my dinner plans. It’s also Barbie Day, so we have a birthday to celebrate. Barbie would be 62 this year and she’s held up pretty good so far. Who knows what might happen with all this gender neutral stuff. Finally it’s Organize Your Home Office Day, which continues the theme of spring cleaning, which I’m trying to avoid.

So I will turn to another thought about spring. Spring is like breakfast in a way. You’ve just come off a season of hibernation and have to break your fast when spring arrives. The birds are singing their little hearts out and gathering dead twigs and brush for their nests. We are all rejuvenated after our long winter’s nap and ready to rock and roll. Spring is a new start – a time to strut our stuff – to show our vigor and vim – and if you’re me, try to find another excuse for not spring cleaning and going back to bed. I don’t mean to give the impression that I’m lazy. There is something about this season that does make a person feel the need to start over.

So while I consider what this day has in store for me, I will put my false teeth into my mouth, thaw some hamburger for meatballs and open a can of crab meat. I’ll sing Happy Birthday to Barbie, clean off my desk and then thank God for giving me another day of living.



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  1. oneta hayes says:

    Sounds like a good plan. I have no false teeth, but my husband does. I guess I should make him some peanut brittle to chomp on. 😀

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