These are the infamous “Johnson Street Turkeys” from our old neighborhood in Minneapolis.  I’ve written about them before and in fact an article about them appeared in the local newspaper a number of years ago.  This flock would carry on every day by chasing the mail truck or following the garbage trucks in hopes of scavenging a tidbit or two. They would hang out by railroad tracks which happened to be just yards away from the butcher shop.  One day as my husband was out and about, he spied one who looked like he was dead.  The butcher was approaching as my husband drove by. We often wondered what happened next.

This obnoxious gang found it amusing to nibble on the cocoa bean mulch I’d placed in my garden.  They’d stir things up and made a horrible mess out of it.  They had no fear and like many an adolescent, they seemed to think they were invincible.  Their iridescent feathers looked amazing in the sunlight, especially when they were fully displayed.

It was said that these were truly “city birds,” because they knew how to cross the main street on the traffic light. They’d patiently wait for the light to turn green and then run madly across.  Not sure if that’s really true, since I never witnessed it, but I wouldn’t be surprised.

There was a myth that when our newly formed country was in its infancy, Benjamin Franklin suggested having the turkey as our national bird.  Actually that is untrue.  However, it wouldn’t surprise me either, considering all the turkeys that are currently residing in Washington.

I always have thoughts about these birds at this time of the year.  Actually up until recently, turkeys weren’t as plentiful as they are now.  It’s interesting how they stick together and show off when the lady turkeys show up.  Now that we’ve moved away from the city, I’ve seen other flocks gathering and brazenly walking in gangs from place to place.  Maybe they think they deserve special attention because of their apparent resurgence in numbers.  Who knows, maybe they will eventually get the respect they deserve.



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  1. I always your stories about these birds!!!!they’re not as dumb as some imagine

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  2. Salvageable says:

    Do you remember the Stan Freberg bit about switching the eagle and the turkey? It was on his History of the United States album. J.

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  3. The Eclectic Contrarian says:

    I honestly wouldn’t be offended. These birds are intelligent! Excellent eyesight and loyal to their own.

    Not as “majestic” but just as honorable.

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  4. This discussion has arisen before like a goose taking wings.

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  5. hatrack4 says:

    If the turkey were the National bird, we would not do as well as we do during hurricanes and strong storms. Those stories about turkeys huddling together and drowning are true. The wild turkeys in PA can fly about 30 miles per hour. One tried to cross in front of me going home from work on day. He got right in front of my hood and became an ornament for a while. My speedometer read 30, but may not be accurate – maybe wind assisted. He ended up doing a semi-graceful turn and flew away. That is one of the very few things that I enjoyed about going to work – watching the animals along the way and from the windows of the office building.

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