I am slowly losing my hearing.  With the high cost of hearing aids, I’ve been struggling along.  This disability can be a disadvantage to a happy marriage.  Having the television turned up so high forces the other partner into another room.  It can also add to the difficulties of the hearing impaired because they grow to depend on that extra volume.

A while back I discovered the closed captioning option on our remote and put it into use. It was quite helpful at first.  I was actually able to read what was happening by seeing the dialogue right on the screen. Of course it isn’t always in sync with the action, but you get used to it after a while.  I have visions of an army of little court reporter types, banging away on their keyboards as the listen through headphones – an army of chocolate covered ants perhaps, but I digress.  Of course that isn’t what happens.  Everything is computerized today.

I’ve often complained about “spell check” and even used it as an excuse for my poor typing skills, but I had no idea what was involved in closed captioning for television – particularly in providing live news broadcasts.  There is very little time to revise anything.  Most of the words are on the screen before that can happen.  In a way, it’s become a form of entertainment in itself.  For example – last night there was a story about a politician who had been on the job for six weeks resigning.  The caption read, “She had been on the John for six weeks,” which left no doubt as to why she was resigning.

My husband has gotten into watching the captions with me.  You never know what they might say – and often are humorously off track.  Like I said, it has become a sort of entertainment.  It doesn’t take much to amuse us.  That isn’t because of our age, it’s because of who we are.  It’s why I married my husband in the first place and one of the reasons our marriage has stood the test of time.  When you can find humor in the ordinary, you are sure to have a life of fun.


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  1. hatrack4 says:

    You are right on the money in imagining court stenographers. There is a company in the industrial park where I used to work, Canonsburg, PA, who do the live broadcasting CC. You can tell which building. Instead of having one satellite dish, they have a bunch. All live broadcasting is several seconds delayed. For one thing, it gives the censor time to hit the BLEEP button, but they miss a lot. The company that does the CC hires court stenographers, trained to be fast and required to be accurate. I think they are given 3-4 seconds to type so that the CC isn’t too far behind what is being said, but I have noticed it way behind on some sports shows. I don’t know how many networks use the outfit in our area. There are so many live shows, there is probably several companies that do it.

    Of course, taped shows have the benefit of time – time to review what the CC said. I guess that is mostly done in LA and NY.

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  2. The Eclectic Contrarian says:

    I can relate with you… my wife gets on me because I turn everything up all the time. But when you can’t hear you can’t hear…

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  3. Life makes us humble at times, but we can all find treasured ways to experience simple things together with a spouse.

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  4. Kathy Wire says:

    I became familiar with CC long ago, as a teacher for the deaf. It’s been a great tool for all ages and abilities (hearing and deaf) for helping learn to read. But I have to agree with the humorous off-topic captions that pop up, and the delays.


    • says:

      I agree that it is a great tool for all ages and abilities. I can now actually understand and “hear” the words on those PBS shows which will soon return.

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  5. Hear hear! Hee hee.

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