put-a-pillow-on-your-fridge-day-1Starting somewhere in Europe and migrating to the U.S. in the early 1900s, this ridiculous tradition is supposed to bring good luck to your house.  I’ve often placed pictures on my fridge along with lots of magnets containing contact info I may need.  I usually place things that don’t fit in the cupboard or pantry on top of the fridge, but never a pillow.  Do you suppose that’s why I haven’t had an abundance of good luck lately?

Isn’t it funny how these crazy days surface?  You can find a strange holiday for every day of the year.  I don’t put much stock in this one.  I prefer to place my pillow under my head when I sleep.  Can you imagine the looks you’d get if you had one on your fridge.  First of all, would anyone notice?  I know I would, but I wouldn’t dare say anything.  Maybe, “nice pillow, up there on your fridge!”  Maybe trying to ignore it, but my eyes would always return to the top of that kitchen appliance.  I suppose, because it’s a warm place, a cat might enjoy snuggling up on it.  They usually like to snooze in unusual places.

It certainly would be a conversation starter.  I can hear it now.  “We used to put a pillow on our fridge too, until we discovered that the warmth from it caused the ice cream to melt.” or “I’ll bet that’s a convenient place for someone to sleep when you have too many house guests and not enough beds.”

Who would think to make it a good luck charm?  Must have been a leprechaun or a witch, or a pillow salesman.   I never put much stock in four leaf clovers, horseshoes, rabbits’ feet or other superstitions.  I still avoid walking under a ladder however.  You never know when something might fall on you.  With my luck, it usually does.

So as we observe another crazy holiday remember this – when all the world is crumbling around you – when your luck seems to have run out – when you’re willing to do anything for a run of good luck – put a pillow on top of your fridge.  Or pray!



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  1. I’m grabbing a pillow as we speak!!

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  2. Kathy ~ what resource do you use for your “This day is…”?

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  3. mitchteemley says:

    Hah! Well, a refrigerated pillow might feel nice along about mid-August…

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