It’s been a while since I posted a wacky and bizarre holiday, sooooo, because I have nothing really important to talk about today, here we are again.  Who would think there’s a special day to celebrate pickles?  I mean, with Thanksgiving Day right around the corner, we should be focusing on turkey, dressing, sweet potatoes and gravy.  Yet what would a feast be without those little green morsels that delight the taste buds?

Every fancy dinner has to have a relish tray of sorts.  Some include fresh veggies, some have deviled eggs and still others hold olives and other assorted pickled items including pickles.  There are bread and butter, dill, kosher, hamburger, sweet and sour and hot and spicy pickles.  I’m sure I’m leaving some out, but you get the picture.  Pickles come in all types and sizes. Think about it.  What’s the first thing that needs refilling on the banquet table – the pickle dish. Kids love nibbling on them before actually sitting down to dinner.  Adults also like the lip puckering delights.  Some folks can’t stand them, but they’re few and far between.

Pickles can be a nice accent to a recipe as well.  I usually add a little pickle juice to potato salad, or dice up a pickle to give the deviled eggs a little more pizazz.  They can be used in soup, on top of a hamburger or hot dog and definitely should be part of the refrigerator condiment section.

History tells us that Cleopatra was one of the first to use cucumbers in brine as a beauty aid, although I don’t recommend putting pickles on your eyelids.  Pickling was done to preserve foods so they could be transported by ship in barrels.

If you don’t like pickles, it’s also Spicy Guacamole Day.  In case you have too much of both, it’s Operating Room Nurse Day, so you may be able to thank one as they remove your gall bladder.

Don’t you just love the plethora of information out there?

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10 Responses to HAPPY PICKLE DAY

  1. hatrack4 says:

    There is a small town in Mississippi called Wiggins. It once called itself the pickle capital of the South. When you drove through town, there were six foot diameter oak barrels lining the side of the road, filled with cucumbers soaking in one thing or another. My wife and I used to make our own sweet pickles. I haven’t had any homemade dill pickles for a long time. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

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  2. Running the Race says:

    Who knew? I like pickles and guacamole but I had no plans to eat either today

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  3. LOL! Actually I just might try that Cleopatra trick. Just a bit of vinegar mixed with cold water on a wash cloth is a really good tonic for tired eyes. Never thought to just slap on some pickles. 🙂

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  4. Amy Blount says:

    https://wp.me/p9QcwC-r8 I tagged you for something quite unique and fun. Check it out. God bless

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