Recently, my home state of Minnesota decided they would try to control invasive plants which are killing the good ones.  Where does one go to retain a group of goats?  I suppose they call UNEEDA GOAT or some other rent a goat operation.  In any case it seems funny to me that they are returning to using these animals for what they were originally designed to do.

Maybe, over time goats have received a bad rap and now because of political correctness, we are tolerating them in our cities.  What once was unheard of is now good.  I’ve also heard that chickens are making a comeback in the city.  Little hen houses are popping up all over the place so that people can enjoy fresh, unprocessed eggs for breakfast.

Isn’t it strange how we set limits on things and then realize we might have overlooked the obvious?  For example, we could get rid of all the gas guzzling cars and revert to riding horses to and from work.  If you work at home – even better.  You won’t have to clean up after them in transit.  Maybe we should add cows to the mix as well.  A tall glass of warm non-pasteurized milk would taste great on a hot summer day.

So let’s get back to basics.  Many cultures revere their animals and some even think their relatives have reinvented themselves within them.  Animals forged the path across this great country.  They helped to create roads, feed families, produce clothing and much more.  The least we can do is repay them in some small way – like having them take the place of weed whackers. I’m sure they’ll enjoy the benefits.

Oh boy, I have left myself wide open for attacks from PITA!


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3 Responses to HUNGRY GOATS

  1. Citizen Tom says:

    Not from me. However, I must admit I don’t look forward to the little presents animal leave around. Cars may not clean burning, but horses are not either. They are just more fun to ride.

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  2. Vicki says:

    I always thought that goats are rather picky eaters.. wouldn’t it be funny if they eat the good plants and leave the invasive ones?

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    • says:

      I guess they love woody ones like buckthorn and they do leave the good stuff. Another amazing gift from the Creator.

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