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William W. How (1823-1897) Was called both the “poor man’s bishop” and “the children’s bishop,” He was known for his work among the destitute in the London slums and among the factory workers in west Yorkshire. He wrote a number … Continue reading


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The late Middle ages was a time of political intrigue and turmoil – much like the atmosphere today.  Yet within this turmoil, a new world was slowly taking shape.  For centuries, the common people were governed by the ruling class.  … Continue reading

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It was an age of awakening – of innovation and invention – of cultural highs in art and music.  Research and science were at an all time high in order to find solutions regarding the plagues of the time.  People … Continue reading

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He was born on this day in 1564 – a time when the European Renaissance was well underway.  This time of enlightenment after the Middle Ages, was awakening the senses in ways never before experienced.  Before his birth in Pisa, … Continue reading

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