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What started as an ember which seemed to be snuffed out,Is quickly revived by the breath of God.He whispers His true amazing grace to those who would believe.His Spirit fans the dying light and inspired it with faith.The dwindling glow … Continue reading

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ORIGINALLY POSTED ON MARCH 12, 2016 – REPOSTED TODAY TO REMIND US OF WHAT OUR SAVIOR SUFFERED FOR US. 39 lashes was the limit.  More than that would have undoubtedly caused death.  The object of lashing was to inflict severe … Continue reading

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Last night, as we said these words in church, the voice of Jesus was so apparent to me.  How could those who placed Him on the cross not have known that this indeed was their promised Messiah?  The words had been … Continue reading

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Who would have thought one of Jesus disciples would betray him?  How could those who followed Him and leaned on His every word, run away when things got tough?  How could His rock solid Peter deny Him three times when He … Continue reading

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