I think we all go through times when we’re living in the middle of a huge mess. Maybe you didn’t have time to do the dishes. There are magazines from twenty years ago stacked in a corner. Your bed is unmade, the laundry is stacking up and you’ve forgotten to make lunches for your kids to take to school. It’s times like these when someone invariably shows up at your front door. Will you invite them in? Will you step outside to talk to them? Will you hope that if you don’t answer the door they will leave, thinking you aren’t home? We don’t like people to see the chaos we’ve created in our own lives. However, in the midst of all that chaos, there are many lessons to be learned and taught.

Dad has been working two jobs so that mom can stay at home with the kids. He’s exhausted most of the time, but when he comes home and finds them all asleep, he doesn’t fail to kiss them goodnight and tuck a surprise under the pillow. It might be as simple as a penny or a stick of gum, but it’s a memory that will live with those children for a long time.

Mom has been working overtime as well. Not only does she have a house to take care of, but there are places to transport the young ones, grocery shopping, lawn work, vet visits, medical emergencies or a discussion with a schoolteacher about a poor grade. She is also required to maintain the family budget, provide nutritional meals, make sure everyone is healthy and maybe even have a few minutes to herself. When it’s time for the day to end and the housework is still undone, she has time to talk to the children about their day – their grades – their fears – and give lots of hugs and positive thoughts. I doubt they will even realize the dishes are still in the sink, but they won’t forget her desire to care for their needs before her own.

We all would love to have the perfect home – with no dust bunnies under the bed – with everything in its proper place – no chaos or confusion – the ideal setting for a family. Or is it? The messes will always be there, but the relationships won’t. Take time to focus on how you can best help your family and the little things that they’ll remember forever.


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As I reach the end of my years, I find I have a lot of good information stored up in this old decrepit mind of mine. If I don't write it all down, it may vanish and no one will have the advantage of my thoughts. This is why this blog exists. I love the Lord, Jesus with all my heart and soul. I know I'm undeserving of all He's done for me, but I also know that His love is beyond my comprehension. I've always wanted to write. I never kept diaries, but tucked my thoughts in my head for future reference. I use them now in creating stories, plays, poetry and my blog. I continue to learn every day. I believe the compilation of our time spent with God will have huge affect on the way we live. I know I'm a sinner and I need a Savior. I have One through Jesus, Christ. My book, "Stages - a memoir," is about the seven stages of life from the perspective of a woman. It addresses all the things girls and women go through in life as they travel it with Jesus, and it is available on Amazon.com.
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  1. K.L. Hale says:

    This is beautiful wisdom my friend! I think many of us would want to go back and change things when we our kids were younger. But I do know my sons felt my love, even in all the chaos of my own life (or they tell me they did!!). I wrote them both letters for their birthdays this year. I shared the best memories. And last night at midnight, my youngest shared he is being deployed to Germany and his wife and my near two year old granddaughter will live with her Mom in Washington the 5 months. My house is so quiet now, Kathy. I’ve felt lost since they left so many years ago so there are days I long for the chaos again. So now I support the young moms and help my neighbors, my family. I SEE those struggling as I have, and still do with this crazy world. May God bless the messy houses~Jesus loves the messy and we can’t be “better” on our own but only in HIM. You’re so precious to share your wisdom and love of Christ. It is felt. I love you, Karla 💕

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    • atimetoshare.me says:

      Oh my, you brought tears to these old eyes. I remember those days too and my adult children do also. We’re all works in progress and the messes don’t go away, they just change and God lead us to realize they are His to handle. It’s too bad we don’t always realize that when we’re young. Only He can bring order out of confusion. I feel your pain of being separated from family. My oldest has been living in S. Carolina with her family. Her two boys have finished college and are starting lives of their own.. While they lived in Minnesota, I had the honor of having them involved in my theatre group and was able to spend some wonderful times together. Now one is teaching in S. Korea and the other is just starting his career in package design. My granddaughter is away at her first year of college. The moments we share as a family, proves to me that we gave them what was important during their young lives – ourselves and the love of God. I love you, my friend and feel as though you are a part of my family too. You have the heart of Jesus and show your love for Him, by what you do to lift others up.

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      • K.L. Hale says:

        Kathy, I knew you’d understand. I’m crying with you and so very thankful you’re in my life. You’re family to me. Prayers for our entire families living far from us and doing what we hoped they would~living their best lives! 💜 much love again and hugs!

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  2. tamweary says:

    I love this!! It reminds of Martha, with so many chores and tasks to complete, where Mary finds the prime spot in the house- Right at Jesus’ Feet. Forget those dishes, Martha!!

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  3. hatrack4 says:

    I do not know whether to say “I resemble this post!” or to say “How did you sneak into my bedroom to take the photo that became your cartoon?” I will get back to you.

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