Three documents comprise the founding of our nation – The Declaration of Independence, The Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  The Declaration relates a list of differences between the United States and Great Britain and expresses the reasons for separation.  The Constitution describes the workings of this newly founded country, establishing a framework for the government of the people.  The Bill of Rights includes the first 10 amendments to the Constitution. It defines citizens’ and states’ rights in relation to the Government.  These documents laid the ground work and have proven to be timeless in essence and consistency over the years.

Of course amendments have since been made, but the base – the foundation – remains the same.  We the people refers to all the citizens of the United States – those born here or those who have entered using the legal system to do so.  Why do we place so much emphasis on these ancient documents?  Do we still revere them as we once did?  I hope there are still those in this country who appreciate the many lives spent in defense of them.  I pray that patriotism is not dead.  I know that no matter what happens, God has made it possible for me to enjoy the freedoms America has to offer and that there is a perfect life awaiting me after this one.

Protestors and activists will remain to stir the pot.  They will cite all kinds of changes that need to be made to accommodate current trends and orientations.  The beauty of this country is that it was designed to look after “we, the people.”  Not only the rich or elite.  Not just the homeless and poverty stricken.  Not the average Joe, trying to make ends meet.  Every single person living here has the same rights according to these documents.  We are free in so many ways, and freedom is precious.  When we remain in slavery or shackled to our own fears of success, we’re not truly enjoying what our founders chose to include in their papers.

We can look at these documents as dated pieces of parchment which no longer apply.  We can pooh-pooh them and even laugh at their simplicity, but there again those words were designed to reach everyone.  As true Americans, we have the right to call our leaders out if they go against the Constitution.  We can expect them to work for us, rather than us working so that they can prosper.  We can demand, in fact, that these public servants are accountable to each of us, because we are their employers.  

When we think about Independence Day, let’s remember that there is a cost to anything of value.  In this case, our founding fathers knew that there needed to be checks and balances to protect us from a growing government with plans of their own.  This is what they were trying to change on that July morning in 1776.  

Enjoy the Fourth of July with celebration and excitement, because of the freedoms we enjoy, because of our founders and their ageless wisdom.  Pray for our nation.  May God bless America!




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  1. oneta hayes says:

    Our freedoms have allowed us to take so much for granted. We just got a little taste of what happens when our freedoms are taken away via the covid crisis. Don’t tell me to cover my face! Don’t tell me I can’t hug my brother! Don’t tell me I can’t go to work! and all the other “don’t tell me’s” that came with it.

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    • atimetoshare.me says:

      You are so right. It seems a year and a half has done nothing to improve the attitude of many people.


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