Today we’ll see our 46th president of the United States of America sworn in, along with the first female Vice President in our history. Speeches will be spoken, opinions stated and hopefully a peaceful transition will take place.

Our nation has become divided in the past number of years, spanning the inaugurations of other presidents. The division didn’t happen over night, but as with most separation it festers over time. The changes that have occurred in my lifetime alone have been cause enough to create bitterness, injustice, fear, anger, discontent and much more.

I was born half a year after Pearl Harbor was attacked. I didn’t witness the event, but the effects of that horrific day were not forgotten. I grew up when the atomic bomb and its results were made known, when a cure for polio was found, when AIDS was discovered, when technology exploded. I watched history unfold on my television set, when the first astronaut set foot on the moon, when a president resigned because of a scandal, when another president was killed by a sniper as he and his wife paraded in an open convertible down the streets of Dallas. I was witness to that same president’s brother’s assassination as he ran for president. I also watched as a Christian leader bringing the plight of his people to the forefront had his life snuffed out. I watched when terrorists highjacked planes and crashed them into the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and a field in Pennsylvania.

In all of these situations, I was constantly reminded that we were Americans first – that we were united by our love of this country and our allegiance to it – that we were willing to die for it. That was the common ground that kept us together.

We may not all approve of the man who will lead America for the next four years. We may not have approved of the one who is leaving the office today. We all have our opinions and as long as we refuse to budge, the divide will grow wider and deeper every day.

We do have a common ground. That ground is the country we have grown to love – the freedom to have different opinions and beliefs – the laws established by wise men who didn’t take the task lightly – the dreams to push forward and build a business or a house or a life free from tyranny.

Today, let’s begin the search for common ground. Let’s pray that our new president is successful and that the country will come together through him. Let’s pray that patriotism continues to make a comeback and that we learn to care about each other rather than run each other down. Let’s also pray for our outgoing president and his family for their service to our country. Against many obstacles, great things were accomplished under his command.

It has to start somewhere and we, the people are the ones who can make it happen.

“First of all, then, I urge that supplications, prayers, intercessions, and thanksgivings be made for all people, for kings and all who are in high positions, that we may lead a peaceful and quiet life, godly and dignified in every way. This is good, and it is pleasing in the sight of God our Savior.” 1 Timothy 2:1-3




As I reach the end of my years, I find I have a lot of good information stored up in this old decrepit mind of mine. If I don't write it all down, it may vanish and no one will have the advantage of my thoughts. This is why this blog exists. I love the Lord, Jesus with all my heart and soul. I know I'm undeserving of all He's done for me, but I also know that His love is beyond my comprehension. I've always wanted to write. I never kept diaries, but tucked my thoughts in my head for future reference. I use them now in creating stories, plays, poetry and my blog. I continue to learn every day. I believe the compilation of our time spent with God will have huge affect on the way we live. I know I'm a sinner and I need a Savior. I have One through Jesus, Christ. My book, "Stages - a memoir," is about the seven stages of life from the perspective of a woman. It addresses all the things girls and women go through in life as they travel it with Jesus, and it is available on
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  1. hatrack4 says:

    I knew you and my sister were close in age. She was less than a month old when Pearl Harbor was attacked.

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  2. BGCT2VA says:

    Pray for Peace and that God will protect His People.

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  3. I watched the inauguration as it was happening, praying there would be no violence. At Dr. Jill Biden’s request, Garth Brooks sang Amazing Grace. Before singing the last stanza, he asked everyone there and everyone watching to sing along with him. I did, with tears streaming down my face.

    “Amazing grace, how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me! I once was lost but now I’m found, was blind but now I see!”

    I love every word of what you wrote here, Kathy. ❤❤❤

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  4. davidkitz says:

    Let the healing begin.

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