When I was in elementary school, my underwear had the day of the week printed on it.

2020 will be remembered as the year of the mask when it comes to going back to school. Those “first day pictures” are already showing up on social media. The typical photo of our child or children in their first day of school clothes, standing in front of the house will now have an additional component – the mask.

It should be interesting to see how long kids will comply with this latest of mandates. They’ll probably do a lot better than their aging counterparts – grandparents and parents. While we complain about not being able to breathe, they will be coming up with new ways to add logos and creative colors and designs to impress their friends. It will become the back to school trend of the century.

I believe our kids are resilient and they will adapt to this new normal. They’re eager to get back to the routine of school and the structure it demands. Whether they’re learning in person or online, they will have a schedule to keep them on track. The social aspect of this ritual is also much needed.

The first day of school is always filled with anticipation. New clothes and shoes are purchased and worn for the first time. School supplies are packed into waiting backpacks. Familiar faces will now take a while to identify, but they will be so glad to see each other. Tales of quarantined vacations will flourish and how they got to know their parents, might be the topic of their first essay of the year. When they look back on this time at the age of 70 something, they’ll have a lot of memories to share with their grandkids.

Each day should be like the first day of school in my opinion. We should look at it with optimism, hope, anticipation and joy. Consider it another opportunity for us to learn, to share, to help someone, to serve, to encourage, to enjoy and to praise God. There is still time for us to do those same things even when the school days are long gone. Making every day a new beginning should be a requirement for all of us. Just think of how delightful each day would be if everyone in it felt the same way.



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  1. I think they’ll ditch them in the bathroom or wear them like some of those pants of theirs- slacked and down to their jaws 🤣😂
    I taught high school, what can I say 🤣😂

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  2. hatrack4 says:

    Our youngest G-kid has had a slow start to kindergarten. He went to school to be evaluated one day one week, then he went to school for one day the next week. Next week he will be full time. He did not wear a mask. He wears a Spiderman faceshield. And the grin on his face would make the Joker look sad.


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