I’m so confused.  Is a mandate the same as a law?  When I looked up the differences between the two, I was met with lots of legal gobbledegook – words that added to the confusion.  I would never have made a good lawyer, having to wade through tons of legalese and wordy phrases that simply complicate my thinking.

The way I read it, which is certainly not based on any fact or knowledge, is that a mandate is not enforceable as a law, because it has not been voted upon by the elected officials.  However, mandates for the general well being of the population are necessary.  Since we haven’t been living in normal times, we’re having to learn new things every day.

So if we don’t wear a mask for whatever logical reason, we aren’t breaking any written law, but if we don’t wear a mask, we’re also placing others in jeopardy, which just ain’t right.  However, if we are protesting and our voices need to be heard, we don’t necessarily have to wear a mask.  If we don’t wear one, however, we are making a point and isn’t that what peaceful protest is all about?

I guess my thinking is that we use common sense in the case of masks.  I will wear one because it’s mandated that I do.  However, if I pass out while wearing one, who is responsible?  Or more to the point, who can I blame?  Maybe this will encourage people to cocoon once more.  Who is going to willingly wear a mask?  Wouldn’t it just be easier to stay home and have all your meals delivered.

Yesterday I purchased a package of cloth masks.  It was a five pack and reasonably priced.  When I put one on it barely reached from ear to ear.  In fact, instead of a training bra, I had acquired a set of training masks.  Maybe I’ll sew two of them together to get the right fit.

The problem is, we’re facing this thing with new information on a daily basis.  We’ve not seen a pandemic like this before.  We don’t know how to treat it.  We’re isolating ourselves (by mandate) and in the process unable to build any immunities to it.  Doctors aren’t sure what the protocol is because it changes from day to day.  I feel OK about grocery shopping, but I still fear going to church and singing my lungs out.  I’ve found technology fills the need to worship, but it just isn’t the same.

So getting back to my original question.  A law is something which must be voted on by the legislative branch of our government – the voice of the people.  A mandate is issued by a governor or president for the benefit and safety of the population.  Did I get that right?  Maybe some lawyer out there can explain it better than I.


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  1. I read that those trying to force the masks, by a mandate, don’t have a legal leg to stand on— but mandate sounds so intimidating- as in don’t you dare cross my mandate— but there is no legal meat to back it— but us lemmings feel that a mandate is the bottom word.
    A former student saw me today at the grocery store-I was sporting my new dark blue mask with charcoal filter— “hi Mrs Cook” I hear from some woman in a light blue mask—she proceeds to tell me her name thankfully because I can’t tell who’s who in these masks— “you look the same as you did when I was in high school”
    How can you tell says my muffled words through my thick mask. Oh I worked in the ER for years— I can tell by people’s eyes
    —I now must become an eye reader!!

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  2. LOL! It’s very complicated, Kathy. Basically what we have going on is mandates that have very little legal tooth behind them. If and when they are challenged in court, it is unlikely they would stand up as enforceable. I could issue a mandate or a directive that all employees with blond hair must wear a pancake on their head if they want to work here and it would stand as order, a mandate, but likely not hold up in a challenge in court on account of the fact that I have no genuine authority and it’s kind of unconstitutional.

    Something that enables me to work where I have to run and breath heavy is a face covering rather than a mask. A face covering is simply a tube of stretchy material. You could wear it as a scarf or a headband, but you can also pull it up over your mouth and nose. It remains loose at the bottom so air can still get in. They sell them, they are very cheap, and some resourceful people have simply cut the sleeves off a stretchy blouse and made their own.

    Just for the record, I do not approve of any of this rubbish and eagerly await the return of common sense. 🙂

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  3. Kathy, your thoughtful discussion zeroes in on the biggest obstacle to our nation tackling this pandemic effectively. The will of some of the American people is not disciplined enough. We all need to wear masks, follow social distancing, and treat Covid as if it is everywhere (and in many places, it is). My wife and I are treating the virus with the same respect as you and Paul do.

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    • says:

      My grandson (24 now) is teaching in S. Korea. He’s on his second school year. HE went over there right before the virus got here. He had to wait a month before starting to teach. When we went into lockdown he was teaching and has been ever since. I pray for his safety, but it seems he’s in a better environment over there. Americans aren’t used to following directions.


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