Yesterday was Groundhog day, in case you didn’t know.  Every year we look forward to the end of winter and look to a chubby little woodchuck to determine whether we will have an early spring.  At the same time, Bill Murray is using the fame he earned in the movie, “Groundhog Day,” to sell Jeeps.  Concurrently, our president is doing a pre-campaign address at the Super Bowl game.  This game is filled with physically pumped up men who play with a small brown ball like the gladiators fought in the colosseum.  People across the country are exposed to feminine pumped up bodies gyrating on their television screens.  Are these the idols of today?

Thankfully, this year’s Super Bowl game was introduced with patriotic splendor as four remaining WWII veterans were introduced – the color guard marched onto the field with the American flag – “America” & “The Star Spangled Banner,” were sung beautifully by fully clothed women.  Are these participants placed on a pedestal?  Are the heroes of wars idols?  Most true heroes, aren’t even aware that they are heroes.

The day was filled with a lot of splendor, glamour, winning, patriotism, food, over-indulgence and a groundhog with absolutely no ability to predict the weather.  All of these things could be considered to be idols if they are revered in such a way as they consume us.

Today the confetti will have been scooped up and discarded.  The stage and instruments will packed away along with sound and lighting equipment. All the uniforms will be off to the cleaners and the athletes will go home triumphant or defeated – all because of a little brown ball.  We may see an early spring or experience another blizzard in April.  Bill Murray may wake up this morning and go through the same thing he did yesterday, but today he’ll be driving an orange Jeep.

Our lives are transitory. The things, people, events, pizazz and even the air we breathe will someday pass away. The only One who remains the same yesterday, today and tomorrow is God.  He never changes.  His Word is true and we can find His voice within its pages.  He will never let us down  He loves us unconditionally.  With Him, we are assured of eternal life.




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5 Responses to IDOLS?

  1. hatrack4 says:

    Yes, I could say that all those you mentioned were idols for one person or another, but one of the four veterans was lying at an odd angle and he never moved. Rather than worshipping some of these idols, we should pray for them.

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  2. The Eclectic Contrarian says:

    I absolutely agree with this post.

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  3. I hope many felt the reverence shown the World War II veterans at the Super Bowl. These honored men represent all who served to protect our freedoms. Without their sacrifice surrounded by a grateful nation, the little brown ball and a plump rodent would mean even less than the tiny footprint they leave. May our thoughts and prayers be focused on much bigger things, according to God.

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    • says:

      Amen. Our service men and women should be placed in high honor. I thought the Super Bowl did a good job of showing that. The veterans would be the first to tell us that they were doing their job. In my book that illustrates true heroism. That’s a whole different story.


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