For all my 77 years of living, I’ve been under the misconception that Daylight Savings Times was suggested by one of our founding fathers.  Ben Franklin actually made a suggestion similar to this when he was living in Paris, but never thought it would fly in the United States of America.

Actually, an entyomologyst from the nineteenth century, named George Vernon Hudson presented the idea to the Royal Society of New Zealand.  At first he was the laughing stock of New Zealand, but eventually his idea caught on.  George spent most of his days at his job with the Wellington Post Office.  However, what he most loved, was collecting bugs.   His suggestion to spring forward in the spring, would allow him more sunlight to pursue his hobby.  It also was helpful to those who wished to get more time to get their crops in or do other chores that required daylight.  Way to go George!  He did have one of the largest collections of insects, so I guess his idea worked out good – for him.

I, for one, have great difficulty with changing the clocks in the spring and fall.  The months seem to be stretching further apart, and eventually the change may eventually even things out some day.  Still in the meantime, we go through this ritual twice a year.  Fortunately computers and cell phones change automatically, but what about the wind up kitchen clock that requires a step ladder to reach?  What about the clocks in our cars – on the refrigerator, microwave and stove?  You need to be a mechanical engineer to change them.

What about all the cows that are used to being milked at 5 AM, having to wait an extra hour because we want to sleep a little longer?  What about the pets?  They have their feeding schedule disrupted twice a year.  When ever man gets in the way of God’s natural order of things, we’re faced with a whole new set of problems.

I used to spend time trying to figure out what happens to that extra hour.  Where does it go?  Maybe they could use it in congress to start another rant against Trump.  It must be his fault, after all.  Maybe the congress might accomplish something with an hour, but I digress.

Now the time changes in November. I recall when it was mid September.  It changes again in March, when it used to be in May sometime.  Like most things that serve no logical purpose anymore, I suggest we get rid of it entirely, but of course that would take an act of congress and we know how that would end up.

So for the next six months of Minnesota darkness, we will maybe see the sun for a couple hours a day until March when it really doesn’t matter anymore.



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11 Responses to GETTING THE BUGS OUT

  1. Melissa Zelniker-Presser says:

    I hate it too Kathy. The kids cannot adjust and my body also feels off! Why do we always feel the need to mess with God’s creation?

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  2. Salvageable says:

    I’ve blogged about my disdain for DST other years, but decided not to comment this year. It’s a horrible idea that should be discarded. I remember a few times when the clocks changed on Easter, which meant that some people forgot to change their clocks and walked into church at the end of the service. Not good! J.

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  3. davidkitz says:

    One province in Canada (Saskatchewan) did not fall for the daylight savings nonsense that hit the rest of the continent. We need to all join them, and pick standard or daylight savings time and just stick to it all year long.

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  4. No matter who made it up— making the world think they get an hour/ they lose an hour— 24 is 24 and I hate this blasted switching back and forth— are we blaming Trump yet??!! 😂🤣

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  5. What a fun post! I enjoyed reading. 🙂

    Our state voted to get rid of it! Yayyyyy! Unfortunately congress has been too busy trying to impeach the president and hasn’t found the time to sign off on it. I was surprised, but even though a state votes on something like this and their politicians approve it, congress still has to sign off.

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  6. Steve Hurley says:

    An interesting post. In Europe the clocks wnet back a little earlier (27 October) Interestingly DST isn’t used by most people in the world

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