This morning, John, the eclectic contrarian, spoke about television as being an idol in today’s society.  It made me think of the ancients and their idols.  I’m posting a few of the set panels for “Such A Time As This,” a musical play I wrote about nine years ago.  My husband created the set for this play.  The idols they worshipped in that time period were nothing more than paintings or statues carved in stone.  They had no power.  They were merely facades or window dressing if you will.

The story of Esther from the Bible, shows a portrait of a beautiful woman who captured the heart of a king.  Through her, the children of Israel would be set free from their bondage once more.  Throughout the book, we hear no mention of God, but His presence is felt as the story unfolds.

There is the usual villain – Haman – who sets a plan in motion whereby he will gain power and status with the king.  He plots to have the Israelites exterminated.  In the meantime, the king has dismissed his favorite wife and is looking for a new one.  There is a beauty contest of sorts as women are paraded before him.  He  chooses Esther to be his wife.  She is watched over, from afar, by her uncle Mordecai, who faithfully listens at the gate for any information he can gather about her.

Throughout the story we see a lesson in patience coming into view. Waiting for just the right moment, Esther places her trust in God’s timing.  She was surrounded by all these false gods and things that went against everything she believed in, yet she waited.  Her patience paid off when she was able to accuse Haman of his wrong doing and send him to the gallows.  In so doing, her people were also set free.

It’s hard to wait.  Patience is one of those lessons that seems to follow us through life.  When we ask for it, we can almost assume there will be a test involved.  God is sharpening us with each one. Our human nature wants to interfere and get things done on our own timeline, rather than waiting for God’s plan to be fulfilled.  When it is completed, it isn’t always to our liking.  Still, God is using every event in our life as part of the plan He’s already mapped out for each of us.

Trusting in His love for us, we can rest secure in the fact that He is the true and only God.  Idols have no place in our lives, whatever they may be.  The foolishness of those who trust in them will only lead to sorrow and emptiness.  Our God is Omnipotent – all powerful – He is Omniscient – all knowing – and omnipresent – always with us.  We can count on Him to lead us in the right direction.




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5 Responses to PAINTING IDOLS

  1. excellent reflection my profound friend 🙂

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  2. The Eclectic Contrarian says:

    “The idols they worshipped in that time period were nothing more than paintings or statues carved in stone.  They had no power.  They were merely facades or window dressing if you will.”

    This really stood out to me. Just like the idols of today, tv, cell phones, Facebook, Instagram, politicians, presidents etc… they have no power. None of their own! Because they are in the likeness of the one who they represent, the devil. The fallen angel.

    Only until we give them power are they able to idolize. But here’s the thing about Christians, our God is sovereign and all powerful. What truly empowers these idols isn’t the power the world gives it, but the power we relinquish to give them.

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  3. Wonderful post. Esther is my favorite book in the bible. I’ve read it many, many times yet never recognized the lesson on patience.

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    • says:

      Thank you. I loved this lesson in patience. She waited until just the right moment to reveal Haman’s evil plot to the kind and put her own life in danger by doing so. So often I think we try to rush God and His plans for us, but He really knows what He’s doing. Thanks for your kind words.


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