I gave up ranting for Lent this year, thus I’ve tried staying away from the news, talk radio and anything that stirs me up. Our country has been on a rant for almost two years now.  It’s divided our nation.  It’s turned friend against friend, relative against relative.  It has shown us the foolishness of man and the idiocy of our current congress.    My reason for giving up ranting is that it gives me a headache to even think about the nonsense going on in Washington.

In the past decade or more, we’ve seen a rise in reality shows.  People seem to enjoy watching others fail.  They enjoy feeling superior because of it.  The thing about these shows is they are far from real.  If they were true reality, I would expect that my life is absolutely boring, uneventful and pointless.  Somehow that thinking has trickled into our lifestyle – our way of thinking about each other – our selfishness – our government.  Mark Twain always had a lot to say about the Congress so I don’t imagine things have changed much over time.

What we’re seeing in Washington today, bears no resemblance to sanity.  It has become a circus, a sideshow, a playground sandbox where little ones have more sense than the adults.  Today, an astute body of Democrats will spend twelve hours reading the Mueller Report aloud.  Isn’t that special?  Is that all these people have to do?  Aren’t there laws to pass, remove, change?  Isn’t there the business of the people to attend to?  It seems the only one getting anything done in Washington is our president.

This investigation has been ongoing for what seems like forever.  It finally came to an end, but that wasn’t good enough for our esteemed democrats.  Taking the attention away from real issues seems to be their forte.  This has to stop.  I’m ashamed at what’s going on in our nation.  We have become a laughing stock. The reality of the work that needs to get done has been obliterated by name calling, back biting, scandal after scandal and investigation after investigation.  It’s time for them to do the jobs they were elected to do.

There!  I’m done for now.  Now what’s all this I hear about violins on TV?   Just call me an old lady with a lot to get off her chest and a raging rant that had to explode.  Now I need an aspirin.



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9 Responses to HOW SHALL WE WASTE A DAY?

  1. LOL! I enjoyed this post. “How shall we waste a day,” indeed. Sometimes it seems as if we are just in a giant shopping mall of offense and divisions. Pick your poison.

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  2. It’s so hard not to rant when we see the insanity that surrounds us. “Oh my gosh” is all I can say sometimes… there are just no words. I love the Mark Twain quote!

    By the way, I’ve nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger Award! You can see your nomination here:

    God bless!!

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  3. This was a great post!! I feel exactly the same way. I just want to tell the democrats, “enough already!” “Earn your pay!” I also want to add to your rant and tell the Chinese that they should not believe our media. The core of this nation is not weak. We are NOT like Hollywood or like our Washington representatives….we are stronger than that and we have actually had enough. Perhaps it is time to roar instead of rant?

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