It’s always so hard to say goodbye to our furry friends.  We’ve had Gage since he was six weeks old and placed him in God’s hands yesterday, just shy of his 12th birthday.

He was a lively pup, full of mischief, curiosity, fun, incessant movement and determination.  To survive as a setter to this age is unusual.  During his time on earth he gave us his share of joy and laughter, anger, frustration and a mutual admiration.

He was a gift from our children after the death of another dear pet named Bo.  This Golden Retriever was with us for eleven years and died slowly and peacefully in my arms.

Gage was quite a tough little dog.  He had an iron constitution and would eat just about anything in his sight.  At Easter time one year, he ate an entire bag of jelly beans while we were gone, and our carpet looked like Walt Disney threw up.  Another time he retrieved two raw chicken breasts from the counter and gobbled them down.  He also consumed several chocolate chip cookies, paper and many things he shouldn’t have. He did this with no severe side effects.

His toughness extended to his gruff voice, which saved our house from being burgled by intruders.  The thieves got in through the patio door, but Gage came to the rescue and scared them off.

He barked at the feral cats in our neighborhood.  He waited staunchly by the window for one to appear.  Then he would slobber up the window like the famous movie dog, “Hooch,” and go crazy trying to catch one.

He tore up many a sheet on our bed while sleeping in it.  He ate handkerchiefs, socks and other unmentionable garments. His toys, however, lasted forever.  He never devoured one.

He loved our new, old house, though he only had two and a half years to live in it.  He became accustomed to it immediately – maybe because we love it so much too.

This dog, who had a strong body, good mind (even though he would occasionally bonk his head on something with no effect,) a great disposition, soft heart and was our unconditional friend.

We will miss you, buddy.  RIP GAGE BOECHER




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18 Responses to GOODBYE, OLD SPORT

  1. So sorry for your loss. Dogs are such wonderful blessings. 🙏

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  2. I am crying right now, Kathy. Literally crying. Oh, my dear friend. ((HUG))

    What a beautiful dog. Beautiful tribute.

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    • says:

      Me too, Linda. He was a precious pet. When you think of all the time we spend together with our furry friends, it makes sense for them to become part of your family and your life. We’ll miss him, but know it was the right thing to do for him. Thanks for your love and hugs.

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  3. Oh Kathy my heart is breaking- I am so sorry

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  4. Sorry for your loss. We do believe in Rainbow Bridge to get us through our grief with the many furry children we have raised.

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  5. He had a long fruitful life with you. Our pets become family members that we never want to leave. I’m so sorry for your loss.

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  6. Those eyes tell a story of love invested in him and given. What a golden gift you had.


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