READ JOHN 4:46-54

When the rich man came to Jesus to have his sick son healed, we learn that Christ didn’t come to this world simply to save the poor, the destitute, the outcasts of society.  He came to save all people.  His salvation revives the life we have on earth and saves our souls for Eternity.

We don’t know this man’s name or what his actual title was, but we can assume he is wealthy.  Undoubtedly he heard about Jesus and His ability to heal the sick. He must’ve been witness to the first miracle at Cana when water was changed to wine.

His son was at death’s door.  Anyone who has witnessed the sickness of a child or seen them struggling for life immediately becomes compassionate. When the child is your own, it’s unbearable to think of losing them.  We go to great lengths to provide the best health care, medicine, doctors and hospitals.  We trust all of them to do what science has enabled them to accomplish by God’s hand.

Jesus, always full of compassion, made a point of the fact that the miracles He did weren’t His mission.  He was able to raise the dead, feed the hungry and heal the sick, but He came to save us from a much greater malady – sin.

Still the noble man had faith that Jesus could also heal his child.  He truly believed that Jesus was capable of the deed.  The signs he saw and heard of, were a means of building the man’s faith.

I believe that God sometimes gives us signs to encourage the growth of our faith.  Many years ago, when my father was at the brink of death, my sister and I drove from Minneapolis to Milwaukee to be with him for his final time on earth.  As we drove through picturesque landscapes, rolling hills and green pastures, my eyes turned to heaven.  The clear blue color was interrupted by one lone cloud.  The wispy cloud looked like an angel.  It was beautiful and had a calming effect on me.  When we arrived at the hospital, our dad had already passed away.  Out of curiosity, I asked what time he died.  It was the same time as I had viewed the cloud.

Some may call that coincidence.  I call it a message from heaven assuring me that my dad was on his way there.  We certainly can’t rely on those events to bring us to heaven, but I do think God allows them to happen to give us comfort.

In the story of the nobleman and his child we learn lessons about parenting, love, compassion, tenderness, faith, believing,  trust and the power of Jesus, the Son of God.  We also learn that Jesus came for one purpose and that was to heal us from sin.  He took that burden upon His own back and carried it willingly to the cross.   Beautiful Savior!





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  1. Beautiful.

    I don’t believe in coincidences. God can do great things and does.

    Enjoyed the read.

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