Over the weekend, we went to see the newest film by Denesh D’Souza about the death of a nation.  It was an interesting film regarding the involvement of the Democrat Party in slavery, racism towards all races other than white, creating a lie that would eventually turn all of that onto the Republican Party.  As many things have turned upside down in just my lifetime, I found his historical story very interesting.  The facts he presented were proven by historical events.

Within the film he made much reference to the Nazi Regime led by Hitler, showing how his philosophy was based on white supremacy – a population’s growing dependence on government – obliterating the Jewish race, Catholics and many more.  D’Souza draws comparisons between the Germans and the United States, even saying that we were the example the Germans used in creating their own form of governing.

As with any news articles or books, we have to be open minded today.  Unfortunately, political correctness has become so commonplace, we dare not speak for or against anyone.  There was however the story within the film, that emphasized what can be done to combat things that are going on today.

Within the film, we saw a story of a young woman named Sophie Scholl.  She belonged to the White Rose Movement, a group that opposed the Nazi Party, comprised of young people who felt it wrong to discriminate against other races.  She, her brother and some friends actively wrote and distributed leaflets containing their beliefs.  During this time she is known to have said:

“How can we expect righteousness to prevail when there is hardly anyone willing to give himself up individually to a righteous cause. Such a fine, sunny day, and I have to go, but what does my death matter, if through us, thousands of people are awakened and stirred to action?”  Sophie Scholl

This piece of the puzzle made me want to know more about this woman and her work in the resistance.  I did a little research and discovered that she was a Lutheran college student from a family of Christians who also felt this new government was wrong.

Her religious convictions included believing that every race has rights and their extermination was totally against God’s teachings.  They were arrested for distributing their thoughts on paper.  Sophie was executed by beheading.  She was willing to put her life in danger and eventually lost.

It gets me to thinking about the activists showing up in our streets on a daily basis.  They’re not like the peaceful young people of the White Rose Movement, simply expressing their beliefs to a uninformed country.  Today, activists are violent in their approach.  They seem to think that by doing damage to other people and their property is the way to deal with their frustration.  This seems to be common in our society – to approach any problem or difference.  We need to start teaching our kids how to live without conflict, how to solve problems peacefully and how to communicate again.


We have a whole group of young people in our country who are not like that.  The kids of today are scared about the future of America.  They should be.  I’m scared too.  The corruption, lies and false news permeating our country is colossal. We can’t be complacent about this.  Our children need to educate themselves, do the research, figure out how to approach the problems peaceably and get out there and do it.  The longer we sit still, the faster we will reach our demise. They are the heroes of tomorrow.  We need our young people to take up the gauntlet.  They are the future leaders of our country.





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11 Responses to DEATH OF A NATION

  1. ooo fascinating…I’ve not heard about this movie…
    Maybe because I’ve been running around the past couple of month like a freaking chicken minus one head!!!
    I’ve read a great deal about Sophie Scholl and the White Roses and written several posts.
    The latest book I had to put down because it was so so hard to read…it was a compilation of letters and diary journal entries from Sophie and her brother…there was such the typical ideals of youth…silliness, seriousness, questioning, happiness, angst…and yet I already knew the ending and just didn’t feel I could bear the loss all over again…
    A Nobel Treason was the book I did finish and it was very good.


    • says:

      Thanks for that extra insight. The movie is worth seeing, but must be taken objectively. Everything he had to say was right on – how the Democratic Party lied about their participation in the Ku klux klan and the continued humiliation of blacks. Also the fact that Andrew Jackson, democrat, owas responsible for the displacement of native Americans on the trail of tears. They continue to enable those in poverty and will not find get against illegal immigration for votes. We all knew these facts but he believes that Trump is the only one who can change this now to prevent the death of America.

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  2. hatrack4 says:

    Wow. This is a great post, but it addresses a problem that is hard to resolve. In the midst of such chaos, how can anyone hear the calm, soft voice?

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    • says:

      I think it’s up to our young people. The ones who aren’t afraid to speak in a civilized manner. The ones who will eventually lead this country. Remember how a young man got everyone’s attention a couple thousand years ago. He made waves where it counted, but He spoke with confidence, peacefulness and authority. Whoever does the talking, must first arm Himself with the power of God. He brought order out of chaos and I think it still can be done.

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