It’s been a while since I’ve spouted off.  When I do, I’m like one of those geysers in Yellowstone, that can’t contain itself.  Lately, I’ve been trying to distance myself from the news and all the back and forth drama between political parties.  Social media also has become a place to spew venom.

It angers me when children are used as political pawns – when they’re used to enter a country illegally – when their sole purpose in life is to be a piece of a broken puzzle.  We’re in the midst of a huge debate as to the inhumanity of our sitting president.  A man who clearly has stated that he is following the rule of law. The law is imperfect.  It can and should be fixed.  Instead it is being tossed back and forth between political factions, while the media has turned it into another circus.

Solomon, in his wisdom, made a judgment to split a child in half and divide him between two women claiming to be his mother.  Of course the real mother relinquished all her rights for the benefit of her child’s life.  Sometimes we need a good slap in the face to realize the truth.

Illegals coming into our country with children, may be trying to seek asylum, but they aren’t following the law.  They are criminals.  They’re placing their children in harms way by pushing their way into a country that has always welcomed the oppressed.  We as a nation are touched by seeing men in cages and children being carted off to shelters.  As a mother, my heart cries at the sight.

There has to be an end to the division in this country.  We cannot become a nation of sheep – herded up and put into separate pens.  We need to trust that our government is doing what’s best for our nation.  We must begin to come together again and stop bickering over everything that is presented to us in the news, without gathering our own facts.  Friendships take a hit when opinions divide.  Families differ and argue.  Words are said in anger and hatred follows.  When we don’t fact check, we can be left flailing our arms in despair.

Our nation should be united. our soldiers fought to defend that fact throughout the years.  We’re free to express our opinions because of our Constitution.  We’re also a nation of laws and for far too long, the law has been twisted, abused, ignored and rewritten.  For some unknown reason, the writers of our laws refuse to amend one which would put an end to this.  Such a simple solution, to a heartbreaking problem.

Being united sometimes means bending a little to reach a conclusion satisfactory to all parties.  It also means working together to solve problems.  As long as there is a faction intent on getting rid of our current president, we can’t come together.

“And if a house be divided against itself, that house cannot stand.” 

Mark 3:25


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  1. hatrack4 says:

    Well said. I wrote recently, in a light hearted way, about the unity of believers being something beyond our grasp. When I was growing up, I never thought unity in the US would be equally beyond our grasp, but something happened in the 60s and 70s. It’s like my second son who would break things and bring the unrepairable pieces to me. Can it be fixed? It will require a change of heart, in our leaders and in our country as a whole.


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  2. I am in agreement with the majority of your post BUT would also add that as long as the president must always be right, we will never get there. There is only one perfect man, His Name is Jesus! With one stroke of a pen, the President is the only one who can call a time out right now…while a thoughtful future can be reached. Should children be punished for the actions of parents? I understand the issue of the law but as believers there is also the spirit of Grace. Where would we be if the Lord had treated us in the same regard instead of gracing us with a way out and a glorious future. As I read the scripture, we are to be a people with His heart…to whom much has been given much is required. We have received abundant grace and mercy, surely we have grace and mercy for these children. Children should not be used as political targets in the hand of either party. No one gets it right all the time and it is really okay to say let’s take another look at this and see how we can do it differently and protect children. Blessings today!

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    • atimetoshare.me says:

      I appreciate your comment – No one gets it right all the time. The only way to solve differences is to come together and figure it out. Thanks for your comment. There are many facets and opinions on this topic. We must be careful not to judge, yet we must search for the truth.


  3. This stuff is making me crazy.
    I read yesterday that both the Catholic church and the Methodists have signed a petition against Jeff Sessions…for basically doing his job.
    I’m pretty certain Mr. Sessions is not happy to enforce a painful law…but a law none the less which because of his position, he is charged with carrying out.

    Do I like sepearting families…heck no…but…
    we have all created a monster.

    If I last checked this was a law on the books when Obama was in office.
    Trump’s admin is merely following the law.
    And to continue sounding like a broken record… when did illegal mean anything other than illegal—meaning not legal?!
    If the law is not as it should be, then, by all means, let’s change it.

    But I’ve said this before….when we decide to do something we know is illegal, we put not only ourselves at risk but those who are with us at risk…and in this case…that is obviously children.

    With such a heavy influx of “illegal” immigrants, we have stretched a system to its limits.
    The educational system, the health system, the legal system…on and on it goes.
    It sounds harsh but there has got to be a limit….we are not equipped to open the gates and let the world come in and live, reaping from a heavily burdened that system that we the taxpayers are supporting. We can only pay so much tax until the average citizen is broke.

    As Christians we are to open ourselves, our homes, our hearts, our lives…but we live in a country that has a seperation between our laws and our religion…people are saying that the Chruch should be outraged yet tomorrow something will happen and those same folks will say that we are not a “Christian” nation so butt out.

    They want us when its convenient and they don’t want us the majority of the remainder of the time.

    This is a damned if we, damned if we don’t catastrophic situation.
    One that politicians are using to play on the emotions of the average citizen… to cause outrage and to show a callous administration that is, once again, carrying out a law that was inherited…

    So don’t shout the current messenger but look to those who went before…

    We don’t know what we are any more.

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    • atimetoshare.me says:

      I agree Julie. Our country is upside down. The police are under attack daily. The “me too movement” s just an extension of the “all about me generation.” Laws are merely suggestions and criminals are treated like the good guys. It’s a mess, but who do we turn to when nothing makes sense? The creator of heaven and earth. He has a plan on all of this. It will either unite us or divide us totally. We need to shuttle all the good guys to the moon and let the world go its own way

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  4. and that should read “don’t shoot the current messenger”

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  5. Amen! I so appreciate the way you so eloquently present this! ❤ ❤

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  6. Old Guy says:

    We are having problems because someone decided to change the status who because they thought it was wrong. If they are right are they to blame or should we blame those we are defending the status quo. Or was it wrong and the people asking for change are wrong and are to blame.


    • atimetoshare.me says:



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