Robert Wagner probably is best known for being the husband of Natalie Wood.  He was born on this day in 1930 and graced the silver screen with his good looks for many years.  He still appears in television shows occasionally.  He was one of my very first heart throbs as a teen aged girl.  He wasn’t a great actor, but he sure was handsome.

Robert was born in Kalamazoo, Michigan to Hazel (a telephone operator) and Robert John, Sr. (a traveling salesman for the Ford Motor Company.)  He became interested in acting after high school, making his film debut in 1950 and then signing on as a contract player for Twentieth Century Fox.  He took on several small movie roles as a supporting actor.  He finally began to shine when he appeared in various television shows including, It Takes a Thief and Hart to Hart later in his career.

In 1957, 27 year old Wagner married 19 year old Natalie Wood.  They divorced in in 1962, but reconnected again in 1972 and remarried – having one child from that union.  In 1981 Wood drowned in the infamous incident off the side of their yacht Splendour, named for her movie Splendour in the Grass.  Natalie’s fear of death by drowning came true.  Her controlling mother often caused them difficulties as well.

In a made for TV movie in 2004, called “The Mystery of Natalie Wood,” the part of Robert Wagner was played by Michael Weatherly (of NCIS & Bull fame).  Wagner appeared on NCIS occasionally as Weatherly’s flamboyant father.

The mystery surrounding the death of Wagner’s wife, Natalie continues to haunt him as he was named a person of interest by the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department on February 1, 2018.

We may never know what happened in this case.  What we do know is that Robert Wagner shared much of his life with Natalie.  He was a popular actor and she was a rising star. Both on a difficult path for anyone to follow.  People who are placed in the public eye or on a pedestal – are often misread or misunderstood.  As for me, Robert was one of my first loves – even though it could never be.


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  1. hatrack4 says:

    I loved It Takes a Thief. It is sad that there will always be this shadow over his life. We know part of a story, but the rest is a mystery. The direction that we take at that point may depend on our inner feelings toward forgiveness.

    I am enjoying these. Is the biographies a new permanent thing?

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    • atimetoshare.me says:

      Actually leading up to Paul’s birthday tomorrow. It has been fun researching these however,and learning new things along the way. Glad you like.

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  2. My cousin Elaine also had a horrible fear of drowning, and she tragically drowned seven years ago while soaking with her boyfriend in a natural hot spring. I don’t understand how she died like that. I miss my cousin so much.

    For a long time, I blamed her boyfriend. Until a couple of years ago, when I learned more about the circumstances. But it is a terrible tragedy, regardless of how she died. She was much younger than me, only 38. She was a nurse. She was my only blood relative here in New Mexico.

    Elaine and I had talked on the phone for about an hour the night before she died. I was writing an email to her, full of plans that will never be, when she died. My heart shattered.

    But I do not grieve as one who has no hope.


    • atimetoshare.me says:

      Such a sad story. You have that same fear, by mine is on the ocean and I’m on a ship that rams an iceberg. If I believed in reincarnation I’d say I went through this once, but I don’t.

      I’m so glad you see hope in adversity. It’s the only thing we can cling to😀

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  3. Wally Fry says:

    My brother drowned and to this day I am hyper vigilant about kids and water.

    Did they reopen that case?

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