Today, February 6th, is the birthday of one of four presidents who had birthdays in this month.  We celebrate all our presidents on the third Monday of February. Ronald Reagan was an unlikely choice for the high office he held for two terms, yet he is one of our most popular. Washington, Harrison, Lincoln and Reagan all had birthdays during this month.

It seems our memory of our presidents often gets relegated to a place of honor once they are out of office or have passed away. Reagan was known for his charisma, his way with words, his ability to deliver a speech, his love of country and dedication to the cause of freedom and democracy.  Throughout his life, he was considered to be an honorable man, even when pursuing a career in acting.  He never felt he was cut out for the movies, but gave some of the most inspiring performances of his time.

I love the quote above because it is a standard for how parents should be raising their children.  We need to set good examples for them.  We must pass our principles and ethics on to them, for they will not receive them from the world.  It isn’t a matter of making them think like us or brainwashing them into believing like us.  Somehow the idea of parenting has turned into being friends with your children, rather than guiding or leading them.  Holding parents in high esteem is also a thing of the past and unfortunately has become an archaic way of thinking.

Reagan wasn’t a perfect father.  Like most dads, he was in the throes of making a career for himself and often missed out on the important moments in his children’s lives. He had his share of ups and downs with them over the years.

It seems to me, however, that he had a pretty good handle on the precepts of our country and the truths that made her great – like freedom, liberty, patriotism, entrepreneurial skills, the American dream. When he speaks of our freedom being only one generation away from extinction, it makes me think of what’s happening with religion in our country today.  The truths and values passed to us over the generations will soon face the same fate.

The Bible talks about writing God’s commands on our children’s foreheads so they remember.  We can’t simply assume that they’ll worship the same way we do.  They need to be taught.  Our country needs to be retaught as well.  We need a resurgence of patriotism and love of this wonderful nation, to return to the forefront – otherwise there is no reason to fight in her defense.

Mr. Reagan was a great president.  We will remember the good things he did for America.  While he was in office he had his critics and opponents, but the beliefs he held dear were very clear to all of us.   He loved America.

Let your children know the blessings they have by living in America.  They have the freedom to voice their opinions, to peacefully protest, to worship as they please, defend themselves, live free from oppression and so much more.  As children of God, they also are blessed with the freedom which Christ bought through His death and resurrection.

God bless America and the people who make her great!

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