For many children across the land, school has resumed.  Kids, now tanned by the summer sun will don their back to school clothes and prepare for another school year.  My granddaughter will embark on her first year of high school today.  I have such mixed emotions about this.

This morning a picture of her entering 4th grade popped up on my Facebook page.

Where did the past five years go?  This sweet, enthusiastic, strong willed, delightful little girl has turned into a young woman over night.  Suddenly the little one I played Barbies with, watched blossom in stage productions I directed her in, laughed with during our countless views of “Shrek,” is on her way to high school today.

In one way, I’m excited for her and the adventures that lie ahead.  In another, I’m concerned with the new environment; the change of attitudes at that age; the identity searching; the cliques.  It’s sort of like stepping out of the fire pan and jumping into the fire.

As grandparents, we can sit back and watch as our grandchildren step from one stage of life into another and pray that they will come through it unscarred and strong.  Things are so different now than when we raised our children, but I’m certain my grandparents thought the same things when I went through these altered states.

Times do change, but the basics that children are given by their parents, as they go through their growing up years, is what really lays the groundwork for their success or failure in life.  I am confident that her parents – who are also both strong willed, determined, hard working, fun \ and loving – have given Kaeli the tools she needs for taking the right path down this journey of life.  Their example will live through her.

They will struggle through the adolescent years, as we did with our children, but they will all survive and come out better because of it.  As a grandparent, I’m limited in what I can do, but I do know that prayers for our grandchildren work.  This little girl has grown into a wonderful human being, compassionate, caring and strong enough to know what she wants to accomplish in life, and I know with all confidence that she will succeed.

Dear, Lord, Jesus, watch over all three of my grandchildren as they progress through these school years.  Give them the desire to learn, the passion to persevere through all things, the enthusiasm to enjoy these special years of growth and the courage to stand up for the things they believe in.  You are their rock and salvation. Amen!



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