I’ve written much about our dog Gage, but this is a special day, dedicated to doggies and I thought a good time to let you know how we’ve grown to love this special animal and he’s grown to love us over the last ten years.

Llewellen Setters are a breed of sporting dogs which are easily trained to hunt birds.  We’ve learned over the years that this dog is very sensitive – adapting to an aging family and going with the flow through illness, injuries and change.

Llewellens were used originally by poachers.  The poacher would hide the dog under his coat, wrapping the dog around his waist.  These dogs are extremely flexible.  The dog was then dropped off in the woods – he was trained to set point for hours – and the hunter would return after dark, find the dog in the same position and get away with the game.  Our dog often curls into the shape of a donut and that ain’t easy for a larger dog.  He was never trained to hunt, because life got in the way.

Paul sustained a fall down the steps, trying to avoid Gage and in turn received a separated shoulder and torn bicep muscle, which took months and required surgery and recovery time.  Then there was the diagnosis of prostate cancer and the long siege of radiation treatments  Both of these things put hunting on the back burner and a puppy growing used to sitting next to his master rather than walking in the woods with him.

Our dog also has an amazing constitution.  He has been known to eat an entire bag of jelly beans, leaving a trail of Walt Disney colored regurgitation behind.  He’s eaten two raw chicken breasts right off the counter when my back was turned.  He has a strong desire to eat paper.  In spite of this, he’s recovered with few side effects.

Gage came to us, as a gift from our children, after our 13 year old Golden Retriever passed away quietly in my arms.  So because of this attachment, poor Gage had large paws to fill.  He’s managed to wheedle his way into our lives and capture our hearts in these past few years and has adapted to our new “old” house as if he’d lived here forever.

Dogs have a way of making life so much more fun and their love is unconditional.  In spite of all he’s been through, he’s managed to prove himself as a great watch dog and protector for a couple of oldies.  And still has the energy and sense of adventure to keep up with us.





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  1. Gage is wonderful!!!!

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  2. Edward Sosa says:

    A real dog lover myself, I can’t help but admire their faithfulness and unconditional love!

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