I’m old enough to remember when we celebrated President Lincoln’s birthday on February 12 and Washington’s on February 22.  As time went by, all presidents were celebrated on the third Monday of February.  As with most American holidays, it transformed into another day off for banks, government offices and schools.  It also became part of the great American ideal – How to make a buck off of another holiday.

We used to make flags out of construction paper, or black silhouettes of George or Abraham.  Each of those presidents had his own day and I believe we attended school.  We were told wonderful stories about how Lincoln was born in a log cabin and self taught.  He became a lawyer and eventually president.  If he could be a president, we thought we could too.  President Washington was more a statesman and hero of the American Revolution who never wanted the job of president.

Those stories are no longer shared in the classroom.  History is being rewritten every day and instead of heroes, these men are now just dead presidents, with stories of scandal arising in a heartbeat.  It has come so far. that we no longer hold our elected officers in high esteem.

Today there will be marches in LA, NYC and other large cities around our great land.  Those protestors will scream in dissention against our current president.  This movement to get rid of the man who was duly elected last November continues to undermine our country.  How does this look to other nations?  How does it look to those who are in office now?  What kind of messages are we sending to the future leaders of America – our children?

This day should be a day of honor for those who bravely have and will serve our nation in its highest position – not a day to put a black cloud over her.  Put your banners away and your ugly words of dissension.  Get a real job and go buy a car or something else that’s on sale today.

In the meantime, we should be encouraging young people to fix our nation rather than break it.  We live in the best country in the world and we are slowly destroying her from within.


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