This week has been focused on a controversial election, protests, transfer of power and other things that annoy and agitate many.  Some can’t accept the results.  Some say, let it go.  Some are angry, some violent, some are being paid to encourage these vigilante events.  It’s enough to make one want to scream and crawl in a hole until the world comes to its senses.

On the other hand, this week we also celebrated Veterans Day.  Every once in a while we dedicate a day to the real heroes of our country – the ones who have answered Jesus’ call to show the greater love He demands – to lay down his life for his friends.  In the midst of all this celebration and the great speeches, there is was again.  More riots, protests and infantile behavior.

Yesterday, I took my team of middle school public speakers to a forensics competition.  These kids vary in abilities and personalities, but they’ve spent the last couple months preparing for something they were dedicated to.  It’s always nice to be at the top of the heap, and our team has placed first for several years now.  I was confident in my kids, but I was a little worried that they might not be able to handle a loss if it occurred.  Here was another set of heroes, in my estimation.  I never would’ve displayed such courage at that age.  I encouraged them to realize that they were winners already.

This whole week has me thinking about a few things.  We all have the right to protest and assemble peacefully according to the constitution.  We have the right to speak words that we believe in without fear of harmful results.  We have the right to worship as we please.  We were given those rights because of the men and women who gave the ultimate sacrifice to uphold it.

In a way, it all came together this morning in church as the pastor talked about our freedoms as Americans and followers of Christ.  Our children must grow to believe in those rights and stand tall when it comes to defending them. Even the youngest of our people have a voice and many times we underestimate the power of their words.

I pray that the smoke will soon settle and we can come together as a nation putting our differences aside.  If we don’t we will never regain our place as a powerful country.  In the end, our true freedom has been won and we’ve been given the victory if we trust in the King of Kings.

By the way, my team won first place … AGAIN!



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  1. dawnlizjones says:

    FANTASTIC! I work with middlers also. And girl, if you crawl in a hole, dig out a spot for me, please. But you know, God’s grace will blow us out of there, since we have work to do. Obviously, you’re already busy doing it!


    • says:

      I’m afraid that home is getting bigger each day. I’m confident that God has it all planned out and l owns just how He’s going to use our new president. Kudos for what you do as well. I love that age.

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  2. Heck yeah!!!!!!! Way to go coach Kathy—do they know you go by JarJar???
    You high five those kids of yours for Cookie—art teacher extraordinaire 🙂

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