Today you don’t hear much about Christopher Columbus other than it being another time for retailers to draw in business.  This explorer, like many before and since, have had their life’s work corrupted over time.

In 1492, much of the world had been seized by the ottoman empire. They had control of most of the seas’ trade routes.  Not only did they have a lucrative slave trade, but they pirated ships which carried goods to various markets in the world.  It was because of this that different routes had to be explored.

Over time, the discovery of a new part of the world has taken on a new look.  This expedition has led people to believe that greed was the motivating factor.  Perhaps it was. Any native cultures were destroyed by disease, starvation or murder as the intruders invaded the new world.  On the other hand, the once nomadic people were introduced to the horse and many new foods that would become sustenance for them.

When man sets out to discover something there I’ll always be hurdles to cross.  There will always be the naysayers and critics, but without exploration there is no discovery.  Man will always look for ways to improve their lives by searching them, but we must always hold the Creator of life with the highest regard.  With Him, everything is new.

No matter what your politically correct stand is on Columbus Day, I urge you to trust in the Creator of all things.  He has new discoveries for us every day.  Take advantage of all He has to offer us.




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  1. a good lesson in our history Kathy—and not a skewed version of the birth pangs of what was to become a mighty nation…

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