When my husband worked as an archery instructor, part of his job was to teach the rules of safety. As he was about to instruct an immigrant woman and her children, he explained the proper way to shoot without becoming injured. The children didn’t seem to understand, so he asked if they spoke English. She retorted, “I am offended by that.” She continued to repeat this statement throughout their conversation. He politely tried to explain that his words were for their safety and the safety of others, but she continued to be argumentative.

That along with several other incidents lately, has me thinking of how over politically correct we are. It seems “I’m offended by that” is the most common expression floating around Washington – in schools – in the work place and even in our churches.

What exactly does it mean to be offended? The dictionary says it is a breach of law or rule. It’s  also an annoyance, anger or resentment.

Are we no longer able to express our feelings, state our beliefs or even try to make sure we are clear with our words? Must we walk on eggs all the time while interacting with people of different cultures, students, customers, fellow Christians? Have we become so angry, resentful and ticked off that we’ve forgotten how to be kind, forgiving and loving?

We need to be careful with our tongues. It’s one of the strongest muscles in our body, but   it doesn’t seem to matter what you say anymore. Chances are you are going to offend someone.

God wants us to live in harmony with each other. To me, this phrase is just another of the devil’s ploys to get control of us. He’s working hard, because he knows his time is running out. Ooops, I’ll bet I offended someone by saying that.

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  1. Amen and amen! Great post! ~Joyce

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  2. Sue C. says:

    Whaaahooo you nailed that one and if that offends someone, oh well. I’m so sick of no matter what we say someone takes issue with it. Get over it people! Thanks Joyce. Loved it!

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  3. Hi Kathy,
    Well, I see this kind of thing happening all the time and agree with your post. Folks do seem to be offended much more often these days, and by so many more things! I think it is this: we are asked to assume that folks mean well, have good intent, and to think the best about people, in all our daily lives. But, we now see many people jumping to a conclusion that assumes the worse intent, instead of the best.
    My challenge – and yours, I guess, is to figure out how to turn that around.

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    • atimetoshare says:

      Absolutely agree! I think we have lost the ability to put the best construction on things. Maybe those Ten Commandments are the gems we need to make this country great again. Thanks for your comment.😄


  4. osarobohenry says:

    Thank you for following my blog. God’s blessings to you.


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