Groundhog Day has come and gone and  man has laughingly placed his trust in a furry little animal that would prefer not to be waken in the middle of its hibernation.  In Wisconsin, one of them actually bit the ear of the mayor in protest.

Celebrating Groundhog Day is a longstanding tradition.  It has its origin in the festival of Imbolc  (the seasonal turning point of the Celtic Calendar, which is celebrated on February 2 and also involves the foretelling of weather.  Of course with all our modern day meteorological studies, this is simply silliness.

We humans are always looking for ways to tell the future.  We turn our eyes to the clouds, the wind, the climate change.  We put our faith into scientific thought regarding the earth’s vibrations, sound waves, etc.  We trust in a our weather men, our computer technology, our brains to forecast what will happen tomorrow, but the very last resort is to turn to the One who created all of it.

I’m not saying that science isn’t good and that we shouldn’t plan for changes in weather, but we should remember that we can’t do anything about changing God’s plans for this planet.  There is a great deal of that going on right now.  Humanity seems consumed with saving the planet from becoming a greenhouse filled with noxious gases and eventually burning up.

We should be concerned and take good care of the place God has provided for us, but , there is still absolutely nothing man can do to change the weather.  Since God’s perfect paradise was destroyed by sin, we will never really experience perfection until we reach heaven.

Lord, help us to remember that you control everything in life.  Help us put our complete trust in You for salvation as well as our daily needs.  Amen.



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