Nuptials is kind of an old fashioned word that isn’t used much anymore.  Like marriage itself, it sometimes appears out of date.  Today we rarely hear the word used except pertaining to a pre-nuptial agreement.  Apparently the original agreement to love, honor and serve wasn’t enough.  Now there must be a precursor to the wedding vows – which includes what will happen to the joint assets once the marriage falls apart.  Talk about planned obsolescence.

The term nuptials originated from the Latin word, nuptialis, which means weddingToday the word seems almost archaic, but we still hear phrases like, “still glowing in nuptial bliss,” or the nuptials will take place at the Lutheran church.

So many things regarding marriage and weddings has changed over time.  In the early years of the twentieth century, many men and women were getting married younger. They didn’t have long courtships.  Men were going off to war and wanted to solidify the relationship before they left.  Many of them didn’t return, leaving young widows behind.  Weddings were often planned by parents of the bride and groom. Today, they take a back seat until the bills come in.  Many couples try each other out first to make sure the relationship is going to work out.  There are those today who are so busy they must resort to finding a mate on line.

I guess when you think about it, times don’t really change that much.  In the old days wedding receptions were held in decorated, cleaned up barns – something that seems to be making a comeback.  Maybe there’s a need for nostalgia once more.  As to finding a mate, men would sometimes send for a mail order bride to wed without meeting her before the big day.  Often couple were betrothed (another good word) before they were old enough to walk.  Parents arranged marriages for those they felt were suitable.

There are some things that should be said about marriage in any time period:

  • Keep God at the center of your relationship.  He is the cord that binds the two of you.  He will be with you through all the ups and downs. He will lift you when you grow weary and carry you when you can no longer walk.  He is the perfect partner in every nuptial.
  • It is a serious commitment.  Sometimes there is little thought that goes into what it takes to have a solid marriage – one that will last a lifetime – one that will survive the tests of time and the joys and tragedies of living.
  • It’s hard work. Don’t kid yourself.  Every relationship requires work, especially if you’re going to spending so much time together.
  • There will be problems.  There will be times you want to throw in the towel.  There are moments of frustration and disappointment, yes, but there are also moments of joy, elation, hope, dreams, goals to meet together, sharing your love with each other and bringing new life into the world.
  • Compromise is necessary.  There will be times when you believe you are in the right, but in order to keep peace you will acquiesce to keep it.  This doesn’t mean you will be stepped on or hurt in the process.
  • Put the other person first. We often hear about Christ being the bridegroom of the church and how willing he is to sacrifice for her even to the point of death.  We, as the bride or church, must have that same unconditional love for our spouse.  It won’t always be easy, but so worth it.

Mark 10:8-9 “and the two shall become one flesh. So they are no longer two but one flesh. What therefore God has joined together, let not man separate.”


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  1. The only “legitimate” purpose I see in a pre-nuptial agreement is when two elderly people marry and the purpose is to preserve the inheritance of their assets to their previous children. Assets amassed after the wedding then can be divided by all.

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  2. The Eclectic Contrarian says:

    Keep a good open communication!

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  4. Great advice. Thank you!

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  5. hatrack4 says:

    You forgot one bullet point that the image illustrated. Ensure that your cell phones look different so you know which is which. Different ring tones is also important.

    Good post. Thanks.

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  6. Unshaken Joy says:

    Loved this! I think it’s so important for people to realize that things will not always be simple and easy … even with the “right” person. There’s a strange narrative in our culture that “the one” will always meet your needs and make you happy. That’s just not reality! I love my husband dearly, but he can not be my all in all. That’s only God’s job!

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