When you only have two children knock on your door for Halloween treats, you’re bound to have leftovers.  So here I am, with snacks for 40 kids.  As I was thinking about that, while walking through the aisles of Walmart, an older woman asked, “Where has all the Halloween candy gone?”  If I had brought my treats along with me, I would gladly have given them to her, but such was not the case.

The shelves were filled with Christmas candy at that point, and my weird mind conjured up images of thousands of tiny elves taking the candy out of its Halloween costumes and dressing them in Christmas outfits.  It always amazes me how quickly our retail stores are at least one jump ahead when it comes to holidays.  We haven’t even celebrated Thanksgiving yet.

As I thought about this question, my enquiring mind went into overdrive and did a little research on what happens to trick or treat treats that no one wants.  There are a number of dentists who will take the candy in exchange for toothbrushes, toothpaste and other oral hygiene products.  There are organizations which send unused candy to deployed military. Some of it goes to veterans and the homeless.  Some stores will buy the candy back.  Again, these must be the ones who employ little elves to rewrap and remarket those tasty morsels.  At least they aren’t going to waste or in my case – waist..

As I recall, I uttered my thoughts about the elves to the woman who asked the question.  She looked at me, with a puzzled expression on her face and walked gingerly on her way.  I bet she’s got visions running through her head now too.

I’m happy to know that the abundance of leftovers are being put to good use.  I wish someone would help me clean out my refrigerator.  The things I put away, because there was too much, have turned into mini-science projects.

We are a throw away society I guess.  Everything is made to be used and disposed of at the same time.  Can you imagine all the usable items that fill our junkyards?  I personally don’t want to check it out, but I’m sure we throw away more things than we should.

So what’s my point?  I still see those little elves.  I don’t really have a point.  I fear I may be going crazy.  Happy Hallogivingmas and to all a good night or good morning.  I still haven’t adjusted to the time change.


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  1. But the question remains— what do those companies do with Halloween rears— like you say—undress them from one holiday and redress them for the next— gives me pause as to whether I ever want to buy what I thought was “fresh” candy

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  2. RobbyeFaye says:

    I love the images! I’ll be thinking of little elves trading out candy for a few days!
    Cute post!

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