Well, here we are again at the peak of mudslinging season, with no holds barred and anything goes.  We’ve been witness to scenes that never should appear on television or the internet.  Political advertising is at an all time low, with name calling, lies and a plethora of lies.  If we were to believe any of it, there would be no suitable candidate for any office.

Usually when there’s a presidential election, we can almost predict that every secret from a candidate’s past will be exposed.  We’ve almost become a National Enquirer society – wanting to know the dirt on everyone.  This mid-term election has turned into exactly that kind of circus.  All the stops have been pulled out, as even the lowliest of candidates is accused of fraud, lewdness, larceny, adultery, being unfit for office or anything else for that matter.  Every political ad I’ve managed to watch this year would’ve been considered slander in years past.

What have we become?  We blame our politicians, we blame the media, we blame society – yet we seem to have this insatiable appetite for dirt.  If we’re to put the blame on anyone, it should be ourselves.  It seems we crave untruth.  We desire seeing the worst in everyone else.  We feel better about ourselves when we can make someone else look bad.

I’m sure that half of what we hear in these ads is intended to win votes.  If that’s the case, we’re more corrupt that I thought.  Anyone entering the political arena has got to wear a suit of armor, be totally oblivious to the attacks or just plain foolish.  There might be one or two with high political ideals, but they soon get swallowed up by the system.  Who would put themselves in that situation?

When we witness what’s happening in our house and senate, we would most likely believe that these men and women are just looking for that fleeting moment of fame.  What a sad state of affairs.  Our country is better than this.  We’re not sheep, being led by corrupt shepherds.  We have brains and should be able to figure out what’s happening.

Our voice can still be heard.  America needs to return to its founding principles.  A small group of unhappy citizens once took on the greatest nation of that time and won.  They wouldn’t put up with tyranny, they fought to win their independence and they even died to protect it.  The best way to voice our opinion is to vote, but we can do more, by becoming involved in eliminating the corruption that continually invades our society and not being led by popular opinion or political lies.  To top it off, we have to take responsibility for our own actions, before throwing stones.




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  1. It’s been a blessed reprieve being across the pond and out of the loop— the events at Utah and Omaha beach have a needed fresh perspective on what is truly important and what is not— and what is currently taking place in US politics pales in what really mattered 74 years ago and we today are doing those selfless sacrifices of long ago a grave injustice


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