This guy wears many hats, as I’ve already written.  One of his favorites is anything bearing the Stetson name and he really looks good in it.  To me, the cowboy in Paul, is the most attractive.

As a boy, he would play cowboys and Indians in his little Roy Rogers’ cowboy hat, vest, fringed shirt and pistol packing holsters on the flat roof of the funeral home.  In his mind he had been transported to a place outside the confines of the city.  His range was covered with tar, but to him it was the wide open spaces.

Later he had the opportunity to work for a farmer out near the lake home and learned about making hay, lifting bales of it, and sneezing his way through hay fever season because of it.  That didn’t deter the young boy.  He loved the outdoors.  He loved being away from the hustle and bustle of the big city life.  He loved the freedom it allowed him.

When he grew into a man and worked in the advertising business, one of his accounts was a major ammunitions company.  Since the internet had not yet been invented, photography on location was necessary, which required trips out west and into mountainous areas.  One such trip took him into the Wind River Mountains – a natural area, where great shots could be captured in the beauty of God’s creation.

The trip required the use of horses and pack animals for all the photography gear and supplies.  It was right up his alley.  As they reached the top of the mountain, the air was thin, but the weather cooperated long enough to get some wonderful pictures to enhance the client’s product.

As time went by, the skies began to fill with clouds and it wasn’t long before it was snowing.  The snow continued and continued until there was no way they would be able to travel the now treacherous trail back.  Another adventure for this man wasn’t met with trepidation.   Every survival skill was set into motion again.  Of course they made it back, but they waited a few days to make the trip.

During that time, he made a connection with a dude ranch and was able to sell them on doing an advertising brochure.  The deal was sweet.  Our entire family would spend a week at the dude ranch in exchange for the cost of the advertising.  There are great advantages to being a good salesman – another hat that Paul wears well.



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  1. maybe Paul could be the new ‘most interesting man in the world’ and tell us all to “stay thirsty my friends”—as we drink our juleps in the elk’s lounge 🙂

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