On March 10, 1876, Alexander Graham Bell spoke these words into his new invention – the telephone – “Mr. Watson, come here.  I want to see you.”  The rest of course is history, but I do wonder what Mr. Bell would think of the advances made to his invention over the years.

He has been quoted as saying, “America is a country of inventors, and the greatest of inventors are the newspaper men.”  I wonder if even then, there may have been some fake news going on.  Hasn’t that been going on since the invention of the printing press?

The telephone has certainly been revamped over the years.  I remember the old crank wall phone with the speaker protruding out the front of the case.  In fact I still have one – not working of course.  In those days, there were several folks hooked up to the same party line and you could eavesdrop on their conversations if you didn’t have anything else to do.

As time progressed, phones became more sophisticated.  The simple table model with a rotary dial became popular for a while.  The push buttons came into popular use.  They came in all styles and sizes, but for most Americans, it was the epitome of communication.  Who would’ve thought this invention would go on to open up all boarders of this world and allow us to get instant news – fake or not.

What if Alexander had not invented the telephone?  I imagine someone else would have.  Inventors are part of who we are.  Necessity is the mother of invention so they say.  When there is a specific need, we do all in our power as human beings to satisfy the need.  This form of communication has opened doors beyond Alex’s imagination.  I wonder what he would say on his phone today?





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