I’ve been considering what kind of work to do, now that I’m retired.  In checking the employment opportunities, I happened to come across the salaries being paid to activists for various causes.  I was surprised to see the going wage is $12-$15 an hour.  I now know what Donald Trump was talking about, while campaigning, when he referred to putting so many people back to work before he was even elected.

I’ve been wondering why there are so many people at protests and now know why.  You can make more shouting profanities and raising obnoxious signs than you can flipping burgers.  Of course this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

Frankly, I’m getting really tired of every group with a desire for change and political involvement, marching through our streets, cluttering them with litter, disturbing traffic areas, inconveniencing people, using every opportunity (including awards shows, etc.)to voice their opinions – not to mention destroying property and looting.

Protests were intended to be the people’s right to express, in a peaceful way, the things that they want to bring to someone’s attention.  The fact that protestors are being paid to do this, defies reason – although it beats standing in an unemployment line or accepting  welfare.  I suppose if I took up a cause like “Senior Lives Matter” or “Standing up for Jesus”, I might consider it, but unfortunately those causes probably don’t pay a red cent.

The First Amendment does not provide the right to conduct an assembly at which there is a clear and present danger of riot, disorder, or interference with traffic on public streets, or other immediate threat to public safety or order. Statutes that prohibit people from assembling and using force or violence to accomplish unlawful purposes are permissible under the First Amendment.[

What are your thoughts on this?



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17 Responses to KATHY RANT

  1. davidkitz says:

    I might be wrong, but I think there are very few paid protesters.

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  2. Mother Hen says:

    Last night on the news protesters were making it difficult for people to get to the airport in Portland… Rioting, destroying property, or harming someone is wrong.And if one does protest, please consider picking up litter along the way..

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  3. it’s been a long day and i’ve not eaten and when reading over this most wonder “Kathy rant” when I got to the part about the First Amendment does not provide the right to conduct an assembly at which there is a clear and present danger of riot my poor low blood sugar brain put the word idiocy in for riot—and when I did my double take and saw the correct word, I thought to myself, well idiocy should be written in as well—it shall not provide for idiocy or lunacy—all of which we are presently witnessing—now let me go find something to nibble on before I decide that half the nation needs to be locked up…. 🙂

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  4. Wally Fry says:

    Well, first.

    They are morons.They need to obey laws, or pay a consequence when they don’t.

    Having said that..I thank God we live in a free country where some dictator won’t run them down with a tank. Men and women have died to protect that right, and even though they make me want to shake them, I am still glad they can do it.


  5. Excellent post. This is actually the second post that I have read today that is encouraging me to finish writing the post I began this weekend. Please pray that God gives me wisdom in the words I choose to write and that He speaks through me because the protesters need the Truth that can only be found in Jesus.
    the other post was by Mitch Teemly and you can read his post here

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  8. Wally Fry says:

    They tell me my comment issue is fixed..just checking!

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