We have become a generation of blame gamers.  Of course, blaming someone else for our actions isn’t new, but it seems to be making a huge comeback.  I used to have a computer that would exclaim, “It’s not my fault” whenever I made a mistake.  I hated that machine and was glad to say goodbye to it.

We don’t like being accused of being wrong.  It makes us nervous and extremely uncomfortable – especially if the accusation is correct. It’s much easier to pass the buck on to someone else.

One of the most basic rules in the Bible was given by Jesus during His ministry.  It’s the Golden Rule.  I don’t think it’s being taught much in our homes much anymore.  I know it probably isn’t taught in  public schools, because it wouldn’t be politically correct to teach anything Biblical.

However, it is something that should begin at home. Children learn first from their parents, siblings and extended family.  If they see people around them blaming others for their condition – or for the things that they do – or for the way they treat others, that’s how they’ll behave.  Add to that all the influences of their peers when they venture into the world and it will naturally take off from there.

I’s time for all of us to own up to our mistakes and ask for forgiveness.  Hey, that sounds like repentance.  When we realize that repentance leads to forgiveness, isn’t that better than feeling guilty?

I blame you,

You blame someone else,

They blame another

and eventually it comes back to me.

Maybe it would save a lot of time and trouble

If I took responsibility in the first place.

Thank God He looks beyond our imperfections because of the One who took all the blame for us – Jesus.



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3 Responses to IT’S NOT MY FAULT!

  1. ropheka says:

    I have had many experiances where I tried to warn someone of disaster if they kept on doing what they were doing. When disaster struck, rather than blame themselves they blamed me. I just shake my head and inform them of the truth and how it is their own fault and to grow up and walk away. It infuriates them but they do not pay that game with me again


    • atimetoshare says:

      It all comes down to being responsible for our actions. I think this is something that is lacking in many families today and it needs to return. Otherwise we become a nation of selfish people.


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