You’ve most likely encountered Adirondack chairs if you’ve ever purchased lawn furniture.  They became popular right after the turn of the 20th century in 1903 when Thomas Lee designed what he called the Westport chair.  While on vacation in Westport, New York, near Lake Champlain with his family, he wanted to create chairs that would be both sturdy and comfortable for sitting outdoors and enjoying nature.  Now you can buy these chairs made out of recycled material in all kinds of colors.  We opted for the old-fashioned wooden chairs and usually repaint them every couple of years.

Since our chairs sit outside all year round, they are exposed to the elements and will occasionally need repair at the onset of warmer weather.  However, the feral cats in our neighborhood have adopted them for their own shenanigans.  Paul & I have put our creative minds together to come up for some new ideas for marketing Catironadack chairs for just that purpose.  You must know by now that we enjoy looking out our windows at the wildlife around our neighborhood.  Not the wild and crazy life that inhabits the buildings around our house, but the squirrels, possums, birdsm fox, an occasional deer and feral cats.  Many of them have names.  Many have been our friends for the past five years that we’ve lived here.  

Of course the chairs would need to have wider arm rests to accommodate more than one cat.  As we continued brainstorming we’ve come up with a few different furniture pieces for this purpose. In fact we may be designing a Catalogue to post online. For those who want a Cat Scan, we would build a long bench out of wood slats for the kitties to stand and wave as you go by.  Cat Amaran chairs would be great at the beach.  If you want to set up a play area for the cats, you could install a Cat obstacle course, including a Catapult instead of a zipline.  I’m sure there would be a number of ways to set things up for a Cat Amusement Center – such as a solar light beam they could chase around the yard or a hammock for them to take a Cat nap.  Although if more than one decided to get into the hammock it could lead to a Cat astrophe.   For those cats that find themselves depressed or anxious there might be a night club called the Catatonic or for those who prefer lots of people, maybe a Catalyst.

Well, the list goes on and I’m sure Mark H will add to it.  If you have any suggestions, feel free to offer.  This may be the start of a whole new business venture.  In the meantime, enjoy the picture Paul took this morning of two cats on an Adirondack chair.


Cats on a cold Adirondack chair


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    All in the marketing and it sounds as if you and Paul have headstart. 😀

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