Some of our young women have never heard about this rule of fashion. In the early 1900s, women were going through a lot of radical changes. They gained the right to vote. They became aware that they could do more than have babies and run a household. Their independence was leading right up to the sexual revolution of the 1960s,

There were always definite rules of fashion in those days, particularly attributed to women of wealth. There was a certain sleeve length that should be worn for various occasions. Different shoes for different events. Dress length also became a factor as hemlines slowly rose. Gloves and hats were part of every young debutante’s wardrobe. The rule for not wearing white after Labor Day or before Memorial Day, may have been due to the time of the year more than anything. Once Autumn made its appearance, the streets became littered with leaves and dirt which would easily attach themselves to those pretty white shoes. The whites of summer were intended to reflect the sun and keep you from sweating profusely. Usually those whites were made of cotton or linen, to further lighten the weight of the garment.

Fashion trends change and many of the old rules get swallowed up by new, but I still adhere to not wearing white shoes in the winter.  However, if you live in the frozen Tundra of Minnesota, white shoes would act as the perfect camouflage during our snowy months.  Add to that a pair of white pants and jacket and you could become invisible as you shovel the sidewalk and freak out your neighbors.  If you needed a little time to yourself, you could easily hide from the kids.  The advantages to wearing white in winter are countless.

In the cold months of winter we choose to wear darker colors, however, when you’re a young mom you have to be aware of shortcuts.  For example doesn’t it make more sense to have your kids wear dark colors in summer so that all the dirt and grime from their outdoor activities wouldn’t show up quite as much?  Think about it – you’re camping with your children.  Grass stains and water marks from fishing in a creek along with S’mores served at the campfire definitely are not pretty.  It would certainly be to mom’s advantage to dress them in dark clothes all year round.

So forget about traditions like this.  They don’t really accomplish much and besides, what difference does it make?  They probably wouldn’t adhere to them anyway.  Today our young women are faced with much more difficult challenges.  Sometimes we just have to break the rules.



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  1. because my grandmother said so 😉

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  2. never mind it’s still hot as blazes down here

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  3. Kathy, I am chuckling about wearing white in the winter. It’s too bad I am of average height and size. Otherwise, I could dress in white and make people think they saw the “Abominable.”

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