I love unusual holidays.  March 26th is known as “Good Hair Day,” which is nearly impossible when we’re cooped up for over three weeks and can’t get to a salon or barber shop because they’re all closed.  We could resort to doing our own haircuts or dye jobs, but who knows how they may turn out.

I remember cutting my children’s hair to save the expense of a professional, but they all wound up looking alike.  I never used a bowl to get the right shape, but it looked that way.  They all resembled the Beatles.

I also did a lot of experimenting with my own hair.  Actually, I used hydrogen peroxide to lighten my hair in high school.  Eventually I looked like a Q tip.  When I got married, I turned to boxed coloring kits.  In one week, I went from blond to green, to red, to brunette and back to blond.  My husband could brag that he had gone to bed with a blond, brunette and redhead all in one week.  The truth is, I made a mistake on the first color which resulted in many trips to the drugstore to rescue my many colored tresses.  I learned then not to trust those over the counter hair colors.

Now that we’ve been sequestered, things are proceeding as usual for us.  My husband cuts his own hair (what’s left of it,) and I make sure he hasn’t missed any.  I don’t color my hair anymore so that isn’t an issue.  Fortunately I had a haircut before all this began so I should be good for a while.  Then I wonder what people will look like after this whole thing blows over.  Men who were prematurely going bald will now have ample comb overs.  Women will be braiding, ratting, teasing instead of combing in some gel and their done.  I’m sure there will be a run on salons and barber shops.  Additional hair stylists will be called into battle to remove all unwanted hair and make people look well groomed again.  Or we might become a civilization of abominable snowmen.

Today, we can raise our glasses or a pair of dull shears and celebrate Good Hair Day.  There may not be many of them left.




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  1. Ha! Now there’s a happy holiday! I have tons of wild hair, often out of control, so I wind up with a pony tail most of the time. If we ever get out of this thing, I’m going to the beauty parlor and I’m getting it cut. I haven’t done that for years. 🙂

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  2. I can’t remember my last good hair day— during Coronageden I’ve had on nothing but a ball cap-oh, shorts and a tee shirt as well 🤪

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