As I look out my window this morning, the dew hangs heavy in the morning light.  The tiny sign of new growth forces its way to greet the sun – longing for that welcome warmth that comes from God’s own hand.  Mondays seem to capture the image of newness.  We start a the week with either anticipation or dread.  Some like the structure of every day living.  Some have overindulged and dread having to get back in the routine.

Cares which we left bundled up and hidden away on Friday, have come back to smack us along side the head and remind us of their presence.  It is time for a do over.  Mondays always seem to indicate the need for change – the start of a new path – a reparation of past wrongs – the start of a different lifestyle, including counting calories or a visit to the gym.

Like the beginning of a new year or a new month, we feel those times are a chance for inauguration or a threshold to optimism.  We step into a new week with vigor and excitement only to be cut down the minute we look in the mirror.  We see ourselves for who we really are – still bearing the scars of the weekend, the dark circles under the eyes, the addition of more wrinkles.  That in itself can be enough to send you directly back to bed.

You step into the shower.  As the pounding of the water enlivens each cell, you feel as though this baptism of sorts is washing away the grime and sins of your past.  You then wipe the fog off the mirror hoping to see a new you, but nothing has changed.  You’re clean outwardly, but the darkness of your soul is still there.

We have just come off the celebration of the most important Christian holiday.  We have been bathed in the glow of Christ’s resurrection and the promise of our own eternal life.  Still we remain sinners.  Our life in heaven is guaranteed, but our walk on this planet will not be a cake walk.  Jesus taught that in this world there will be trouble.  In fact when we serve Jesus, we can expect difficulty.  Jesus reminds us that we are not of this world anymore.  By following Him, we may face persecution.  We will suffer.  We will cry and become anxious about things.

The difference for the Christian is that we have hope.  Not in our accomplishments or good deeds, but in God’s unconditional love for us. As you approach the start of a new week, keep the truth of Easter alive.  It won’t make your walk on earth any easier, but you are guaranteed an eternity in heaven.



As I reach the end of my years, I find I have a lot of good information stored up in this old decrepit mind of mine. If I don't write it all down, it may vanish and no one will have the advantage of my thoughts. This is why this blog exists. I love the Lord, Jesus with all my heart and soul. I know I'm undeserving of all He's done for me, but I also know that His love is beyond my comprehension. I've always wanted to write. I never kept diaries, but tucked my thoughts in my head for future reference. I use them now in creating stories, plays, poetry and my blog. I continue to learn every day. I believe the compilation of our time spent with God will have huge affect on the way we live. I know I'm a sinner and I need a Savior. I have One through Jesus, Christ. My book, "Stages - a memoir," is about the seven stages of life from the perspective of a woman. It addresses all the things girls and women go through in life as they travel it with Jesus, and it is available on
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  1. Good morning. I just wandered over here and have spent too much time reading your wonderful posts. Inspiring and hopeful. I am in my 50s and began pursuing a 2nd career writing fiction a couple years ago. I’ll be back to read more when I have more time. Thank you for sharing.

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