Yesterday, Paul had a cataract removed from his good eye.  The other eye is undergoing treatment for macular degeneration, which requires a monthly shot directly into the eye.  This isn’t something he looks forward to, but knows that it is keeping that eye alive for a little longer.  Cataracts can be removed easily in this day and age, and having a really good surgeon also helps. The surgery went well.  This morning he is seeing brighter colors out of that eye.  Next month, he will have the other one removed in spite of the other issue.  I find it amazing what God has blessed our doctors with – the ability to look into the eye with ease – to repair and correct vision – to give us longer time to use the gift of sight.  I will undoubtedly undergo the same surgery in a year or two.

We grow so dependent on our eyes that we really take them for granted.  Right now all we can see is a white landscape, but there are other colors.  At this time of the year, when the sun begins to move closer to us, that golden orb is a welcome sight.  It pierces through the crystal atmosphere, creating diamonds across an alabaster landscape. Sometimes the light can be irritating as I try to come up with an idea for this morning’s post.  It cuts through my vision and even leaves me slightly blinded by its presence.

In February, the sun’s power is incredible.  The warmth slices through the hanging glasslike stalactites turning them into little puddles on the ground.  They will soon succumb to the evening cold and refreeze for another day.  The glow of the sun also gives us hope that winter will soon end – that there is a new beginning, new life and promise of warm walks in the summer heat.

In this world, we often need artificial light to make us aware of our surroundings in the dark.  In a world of darkened by sin, we need the true Light, which never goes out, to set us on the path to heaven.  Jesus is the Light of the World.  Through Him, we can identify the darkness of sin.  Through Him, we have a way out. Through His death and resurrection, we’re promised an eternity where there will be no more need for light, because God is our all sufficient lumination.

Even when our eyes become clouded during the aging process, we have the tools necessary to correct the problem – tools created by man, yet executed by God’s amazing technology.

Thank you, Lord, God, for helping my husband get through this surgery.  I know he had concerns about his eyesight and the effect it would have on his lifetime pursuit of art.  As he prepares for the next one, keep him firmly focused on you, knowing that you are right there through it all.  In Jesus name, I thank and praise you for your almighty power.  Amen




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  1. Wally Fry says:

    Praises for the successful surgery. A fellow in our church has those shots also and it’s a trial for him.

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  2. Prayers of healing for Paul — drinks on me in the caribou lounge!

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