Today is Thanksgiving, 2018.  It’s time for us to stuff ourselves beyond capacity – to fill every empty cavity with carbs and sugar – a time to forget about calories and just let it rip.  After that, it’s a time to watch football, if you’re so inclined.  If not, you may have spread the newspaper advertising for Black Friday all across the room.  You make this part of the tradition of Thanksgiving.

Seems there are lots of traditions for Thanksgiving.  It’s time to share a meal with those you love – not to discuss anything political – stuff your face – eat some more pie.  You will suffer from indigestion, fatigue, stress, anticipation – just to name a few results of Thanksgiving.

You gather at the dining room table, trying to put twelve people around a table for six.  By the time you’ve finished eating, you can barely move so you find a place to stretch out and catch a few winks before your favorite team comes on the tube.  Those few winks can turn into a rip roaring, loud and imposing sound of snoring and sleep assisted by Tryptophan.  When you wake it’s time to hit the stores for all those magnificent prices. There are sales everywhere.

Talk about the perfect situation for renewing relationships and starting over.  It’s a time to forgive and forget – feel nostalgic – overindulge and have fun.

I hope you all enjoy a wonderful day today.  May your blessings be many.  May you walk through life with the Lord at your side.  May you be shielded by His presence as you venture into the world of retail.  Remember this:

What did the turkey say to the computer?   “Google, google, google.”



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As I reach the end of my years, I find I have a lot of good information stored up in this old decrepit mind of mine. If I don't write it all down, it may vanish and no one will have the advantage of my thoughts. This is why this blog exists. I love the Lord, Jesus with all my heart and soul. I know I'm undeserving of all He's done for me, but I also know that His love is beyond my comprehension. I've always wanted to write. I never kept diaries, but tucked my thoughts in my head for future reference. I use them now in creating stories, plays, poetry and my blog. I continue to learn every day. I believe the compilation of our time spent with God will have huge affect on the way we live. I know I'm a sinner and I need a Savior. I have One through Jesus, Christ. My book, "Stages - a memoir," is about the seven stages of life from the perspective of a woman. It addresses all the things girls and women go through in life as they travel it with Jesus, and it is available on Amazon.com.
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  1. Hope yours is a day of peace—-what of the hunters? How goes the hunt thus far?

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  2. Wally Fry says:

    Happy Thanksgiving my friend. I am about to go get tables. We will have about 22 here today, so packed house for sure.

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  3. hatrack4 says:

    First of all, you meme is correct. If you do it the proper way, you can feel like that all weekend.

    As for the meal? The meal may have carbs and sugar, but the turkey is a rather carb/calories friendly meat, especially the white meat. The rest of the meal, traditionally has enough carbs to make up for the turkey – granted.

    As for the table, make a bigger one, in situ, like my Dad did, capable of easily seating sixteen. Getting it out of the dining room is another matter.

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