Last night, I tuned into the American Hero channel for the series of programs about the American Revolution.  It was designed to show the unsung heroes of that war – those who made a huge difference in the outcome.  We often hear about the big guys involved in a battle such as Lord Charles Cornwallis and George Washington.  I learned that there were many average citizens of the thirteen original colonies – doctors, housewives, old battle scarred veterans and the young men and women who played a great part in the forming of a new nation.

They all had a united mission.  The mother country was taxing them beyond their means.  Up until that time, there was a mere skeleton crew of British troops to maintain peace.  Once the shot that was heard around the world, killing an innocent child, set the field of battle into motion.  British troops became more apparent in the towns.  Many felt we shouldn’t be ruled by someone who had no knowledge of what was going on in our land?

Wars should be a last resort to any disagreement, but the country was ripe for revolution.  I often wonder if we aren’t on the same track today.  Once we become divided, we’re setting ourselves up for a great fall.

On October 19, 1781, Cornwallis and his army surrendered to George Washington at Yorktown.  A skirmish which began on September 28, 1781 was about to become the beginning of the end of British rule in America.  By then the French had joined forces with the rag tag army of angry militia men, creating a much stronger force. Yet the fact that they were at battle with the strongest military in the world, and defeated them, was nearly inconceivable.

As we consider this day of surrender, let’s remember all the blood that was shed on both sides.  So many lives spent.  So much anger and show of force.  A society bent on becoming independent could do so much with so few and here we are again at another crossroads.

Our nation is bigger than ever.  We have a military force second to none.  We’ve proven our expertise in the areas of technology, medicine and learning, yet we’ve become divided in many ways.  We need to be put back together again and I’m not sure what it’s going to take for that to happen.  Will it be another catastrophe, like 911 to unite us?  Will it take hurricanes and tornadoes and other destruction of nature?  Will it be the stiff necks of those who will not bend? Will it be the end of time?

We cannot predict our future, but we can pray that God would intervene.  That He would bring us back together, so we can live together in harmony instead of looking at the bad in each other.

Dear God,

You formed this nation based on your precepts and tenets.  We started as a melting pot and continue to receive all cultures and religious influences into our land.  We do so because we are a free people.  Yet our freedom is subject to your scrutiny.  Once we turn away from you and your Word, we’re bound for defeat.  Be with the United States.  Strengthen our leaders to fend off controversy and scandal.  Be with them as they make decisions which affect all of us.  Bring us back together again as a nation, without rumblings and insults towards each other.  Our freedom came at a great cost.  Our freedom from sin, cost the life and blood of Jesus, Christ.  Because of your great love for us, and the promise you’ve made to your people, we ask that you once more take control of our country.   Amen!




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    You would think this would have been newsworthy. I suppose we don’t want to offend the Brits LOL.

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