No, it’s not a rock group.  It isn’t a gang, in the normal sense of the word.  This group of wild turkeys has been a regular feature in our neighborhood for a few years now.  They do travel in a gang.  They pursuit garbage trucks, following anxiously down the street.  They torment mailmen.  They frighten little children.  They mess up your yard and consume cocoa garden mulch.

They may be interesting for some to watch.  Many of the merchants and families in the area feed them – thus encouraging them to return for daily sustenance.  Since it’s getting so close to Thanksgiving, I wonder if they realize how tempting they are to some.

Recently they were seen at the railroad tracks, right near the butcher shop.  Do you suppose they have any idea they’re living on borrowed time?  I asked that same question last year, but they seem to be increasing in numbers.  Perhaps they’re looking at us in much the same way. Who knows when we may wind up on their Thanksgiving table.  Eeeeyew!

At least there’s some solace in knowing that there are a few foxes inhabiting the neighborhood as well.


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  1. selah says:

    the fact that they have been there for a few years is amazing. Maybe as Thanksgiving draws nearer they will go into hiding. I do think that the creatures God made have a lot more intelligence than we think they do.

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    • atimetoshare says:

      I agree. These guys keep reproducing. Just when we think they’re gone the show up with a whole new brood. Fun to watch, but messy,

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  2. The True Light! says:

    This is great! And we refer to some people as “turkeys.” Next time we are tempted to do so, maybe we can turn up a little smile and reflect of this story…Good post!

    Steve 🙂

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    • atimetoshare says:

      That’s funny. One time, on the way into our church parking lot, there were a bunch of turkeys. I told my husband to look out for the turkeys and he told me not to talk that way about our members. LOL😍

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